The Principle and Structure of an Integrated Cabling System

The Principle and Structure of an Integrated Cabling System

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The integrated wiring system design principle:

Building the comprehensive wiring as permanent link, investment has one-off. To achieve maximum utility, system design meet the following principles:

Standardization: according to the domestic and international standards for the design of the system and network equipment selection.

Scalability: support system extension and upgrades. Through the right amount of redundancy, meet the future system expands waves; Adopt appropriate international standard equipment, convenient system upgrades and equipment access.

Ease-of-use: all connectors are using standard, convenient management and use; Systems management hardware and software modular structure, convenient maintenance and replacement.

Economy: in full consideration of and meet the recent and future needs, on the basis of appropriate equipment, reduce the cost of system.

Flexibility: system use not by physical location and equipment kinds of restrictions, computer network and system port with the requirements set arbitrary.

Integrated wiring system structure :

Integrated wiring system is divided into five subsystems, namely workspace subsystem, level wiring subsystem, wiring workshop management subsystem, vertical lines between subsystems, equipment subsystems.

Workspace subsystem to provide the level of information from the socket to the user the connection between the workstation equipment. It includes the workstation connection (Station Mounting Cord), adapter and extension lines. For building a concrete manifestation of the various rooms from information outlet to the connection between the user system.
The project work area export part of the information used to plug the installation of the ground the way, in order to control costs, in the open office area of export all the information used to dual-port RJ45 plug.

Level wiring subsystem is an extension of Route subsystem to the user workspace. In the wiring system, that is, information from the room the room extends to the corresponding level socket cable information, including data and voice cables, threading pipe, metal trunking and cable protection materials equipment.

Data on the use of ultra-five horizontal unshielded twisted pair, the transmission rate can be achieved within 100 meters of bandwidth 100M.
As the level of the system involved the laying of the threading tube construction, structural, electrical, HVAC and other parts of the engineering program, the part should be designed to take into account all aspects of the above-mentioned situation and requirements

wiring workshop management subsystem

By cable connection management subsystem hardware and cable management hardware composition, fully embodies the flexibility of integrated wiring, opening and expansibility.

Each wiring by 19 “industry standards between six kinds of cabinet, 24 mouth RJ45 distribution frames, 110 not shielding type speech control-cabinet and 24 mouth of optical fiber distribution frames. Each device USES modular structure, configuration management information points by the number of the number of information points. For all to determine, adopts jump line management. Any information points change can be passed jump line change easily finish.

vertical lines between subsystems

Vertical lines of data transmission subsystems is artery “, is “a key part of the integrated wiring system. It consists of control-cabinet to each wiring between between the indoor within eight core control-cabinet multimode fiber and three multi-cores cable speech backbone composed. End termination in the center of the room, the other side control-cabinet Lord termination in the distribution line between distribution line frame on, adopted eight core multimode fiber, transmission rate can amount to 1Gbps above, but for high-speed data transmission provides the high quality data transmission channel.

Vertical main cable cloth are obligate when 2m, so that both ends installed jumper disk. Fiber cloth, the maximum tension process of less than 50 N, 30mm, turning radius is greater than vertical main cable firm bundle in metal bridge rack, separated by less binding 1-m.

Equipment subsystems

Equipment by wiring system between subsystems buildings into line equipment, telephone, data, computer, etc. Various kinds of host equipment and security wiring equipment etc. In this scheme design, building structured cabling equipment in 6 building room between subsystems.

Equipment room sub-system adopts the 19 “industry standard cabinet, used to install distribution frames, Richard line frame and on Switch and other network equipment, equipment within the facility. Between devices, and cable quasi-geoid variety. In order to manage complex of equipment and cable, equipment according to the equipment in the connection between the nets, voice classification, installation, equipment within the division between qualify device or equipment all into use different color code, to distinguish between the various USES of wiring area, convenient line maintenance and management.

Integrated wiring system is mainly used for the management and services business to provide a sound, based on advanced computer networks, automated communications platform environment. According to the different requirements of customers, the system required for network communication environment should not only have high-speed, high-efficiency features, and also should have a high degree of reliability and adaptability, as well as dealing with sudden high flow of instantaneous data transfer and processing capacity . In addition, the contractor should also have to deal with the rapid-scene emergency service mechanisms and capacity to put into use in the system to ensure that the entire communication system always has a higher effectiveness.
Information network system in accordance with the future development of network communication systems to be able to not only meet the current needs, but also consider the future development of communication technology and communications needs of the growth in demand, but also need to consider the cost of investment in the system control needs.


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