The "speed of light" era of broadband fiber innovation climax will come

The “speed of light” era of broadband fiber innovation climax will come

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This is the best of times, and broadband optical communications technology, is driven by the rapid increase of network speed, bring people omipresent speed experience. 2012, LSI to promote the development of briadband into the “speed of light” era, in the long-distance backbone network, 100G, ultra-100G technology quickly matured and entered the commerical, escalating in core Internet routers capacity, access network, 10G xPON the research and development, setting off wave after wave of wave of applications. “Broadband China” strategy to be implemented, more people looking forward to the era of broadband “speed of light“, there’s more of the highlights are waiting for us!


Currently, the main body of the fiber optic market demand is still the G.652 series of fiber. This series of fiber optic technology and production is already quite mature and stable product and technical development is mainly reflected in the development of fiber optic cable products to meet market demand. On one hand, there is a new breakthrough in the domestic specialty cable market, especially in the submarine cable market has achieved impressive results, marking China’s submarine technology to further impove. On the other hand, in order to adapt to a variety of market demand, the fiber optic cable products is to diversify the direction of development, such as people develop a the photoelectric composite cable to meet the needs of the mobile communications room to the transmission between the base station and power supply needs. In order to adapt to the the pipeline resources increasingly tense reality, the fiber optic cable products also to the development of a large number of cores, the direction of the small volume.

FTTH market led to the development of the growth of the the G.657 fiber-optic market. G.657 fiber production technology is relatively mature, the growing demand. As such fiber optic cable is mainly used in the end of the access, core number smaller proportion of the total fiber demand is still very limited. But this product has huge potential for growth, future market prospects, I believe that with the expansion of the market, is also expected to further reduce its production costs.

In the field of optical fiber preform the highest technical content, China’s production capacity has increased in 2012, but still not enough to change the reality of the high proportion of imports preform. In 2012, due to the Japanese government illegally “purchased” the Diaoyu Islands in Sino-Japanese relations crisis triggered so that this problem is more interesting. To improve China’s optical fiber preform production capacity and R & D level, you also need to know from the National Strategic optical fiber technology, in particular the importance of the optical fiber preform technology, to develop policies to promote research and development of optical fiber technology, to promote the development of China’s optical fiber and cable industry.


From the development trend of global communications and the Internet, with the development of mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things, the demand for broadband is the rapid growth. It also proposed the development of fiber-optic broadband network on which a higher demand, and further improve the optical fiber transmission distance and bandwidth to become the new challenges faced by the fiber-optic technology. Some experts have proposed that a new round of the fiber-optic technology innovation climax coming. In the face of this trend, China’s optical fiber industry can achieve catch-up, let us wait and see!

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