The superiority of DWDM SFP Transceiver

The superiority of DWDM SFP Transceiver

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The DWDM SFP transceiver is a high performance, cost effective module for serial optical data communication applications up to 4.25Gb/s. The DWDM SFP is designed to accept DWDM SONET/SDH (with or without FEC) for 200km links and Ethernet/Fiber Channel protocol traffic for 80km links.

The product is designed for single mode fibre and operates at ITU wavelengths across the C- and Lband. The modules aid system hardware engineers in implementing low-cost DWDM solutions, which are protocol transparent. The “hot pluggable” feature built into every module reduces manufacturing and inventory costs allowing optical port upgrades at the customer premises. Built-in remote monitoring via digital diagnostics allows user access to static and dynamic data as well as module condition. The DWDM SFP transceiver uses the established Buried Heterostructure Directly Modulated Laser (BH DML) packaged in a compact cooled TOSA. The transmitter has full IEC608251:2001 and CDRH Class Ilaser safety certification. The DWDM SFP transceiver module has been extensively tested utilizing industry standard single mode fibres in order to ensure compatibility with SONET-grade enterprise, access and metro systems.

The Fiberstore DWDM SFP transceiver designed for long distance optical communications up to 40km with signaling rates up to 10Gbps. Using unique optical design parameters to develop this transceiver, our DWDM SFP transceiver was able to increase the reach of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel and SONET/SDH data links to distances far beyond the defined standards. Now, using single-mode fiber, up to 40km link lengths are possible. Fiberstore 10Gbps DWDM optical transceivers have undergone rigorous qualification and certification testing to provide End-to-End Compatibility using switching equipment from CISCO, BROCADE, JUNIPER, ALCATEL, HP (select models), NORTEL, EMC, QLOGIC and other OEMs. All Fiberstore long-reach SFPs are ROHS, UL, CAN/CSA, FCC, IEC, and CDRH compliant, allow for real-time diagnostic monitoring as per SFF-8472 and designed to Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standards for DWDM transceivers with LC interface.

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