Thin Film Filter of CWDM Module,Free Space Component Measurement

Thin Film Filter of CWDM Module,Free Space Component Measurement

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The small box with a thin film filter is for the filtration treatment of various wavelength signals in CWDM and DWDM module, made of a multilayer glass.

Obviously, the device integrates into the finised product before its test best, and because once assembled element deficiencies, correction is often too late. For this reason, CWDM module manufacturers early in the production stage on their device performs IL, PDL and ORL testing. Continued investment in scientific research achievements of the years in the optical the positioning adhesive components, optical input/ output, integration and packaging is very lucrative. So CWDM module manufacturers can take advantage of these achievements, their identification before film filter into the CWDM module, thus saving a lot of cost.

Many manufacturers of thin-film filter purchased from third-party suppliers, and they are mostly confined to the 10% to 20% of the purchase filter perform IL test. Test device usually consists of a broadband light source, an OSA and serveral collimators composition, can be sent and the reflected signal to be identified. Which a problem is that the collimator is very small, and must be constantly re-adjust the incident light and the device under test, so that it is aligned with the signal transmission and the reflection collimator; This usually requires a manual operation in order to ensure accurate measurement.

Our approach: IQS – 12008 full band element analyzer

The main advantage of the full band element analyzer FiberStore’s IQS-12008 on the implementation of the thin-film filter test: light can easily achieve alignment on the surface of 5mm (fiber adapter and remote detector head), far superiorthe light at the surface of the 100 μm (i.e., a collimator) aligned. Will also greatly speed up processing, and even automatic measurement, this test all the filters (rather than only measuring 10% to 20%).

FiberStore‘s IQS-12008 full band element analyzer was originally designed to test applications designed for a wide range of passive components, including CWDM multiplexer and demultiplexer FTTH/PON sub-thread WDM filter and the triplexer the spectral loss of the optical fiber, broadband coupler Raman element, attenuator and attenuator array, isolators and circulators, the mixing element, depolarizer etc.

This system uses a tunable laser source, allowing users to perform fast and accurate insertion loss (IL) in accordance with the different wavelengths, covering the 1260 to 1630 nm wavelength range (O,E, S, C, L and U-band), optical return loss (ORL) and polarization dependent loss (PDL) measurement. This full band test can provide a complete test system, thus avoiding the need to integrate multiple light sources and splice data caused by the precision of the test parameters.

In addition to all of the above features, FiberStore IQS-12008 increased by a new function, to meet the user to measure the demand for free-space optical components. In this way, we find that our free-space element measurement method is particularly useful for the measurement the CWDM module in the membrane filter.

Free space component measurement

For measurements of free-space components, while at the same time without affecting the quality and accuracy of all other measurement capability, you must carry out the following important things. Must improve data sampling card, add a BNC connector (instead of the standard detector). The same time, we must develop new remote head and the optical fiber with a lens adapter. Of course, still using the standard detector (low the PDR, 1 mm InGaAs), but will be mounted on a metalic cube, i.e. the remote head, can be easily screwed into the standard optical terminals and the fixed tool. Remote head/ detector equipped with a BNC connector and a low-noise double-shielded cable to complete assembly.

Special fiber optic adapter (FOA) spin to the remote head lens simulation 5 mm detector. Because we are dealing with a free-space optics, it must first be captured by the optical signal of the device under test, and then focused onto the detector.

As mentioned above, the whole band is measured in today’s applications is extremely important, but until now there is no realization of free space in the true sense of the measurement system. FiberStore will continue to develop this special free space technology to ensure efficient and accurate measurement of free space will not affect the quality of the other measurements and can cover all of the band, to meet the specific needs of users in this regard.


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