Three Minutes Achievements of Your Fiber Optic Network Card Experts Dream

Three Minutes Achievements of Your Fiber Optic Network Card Experts Dream

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As one of the world’s most well-known network equipment suppliers, Intel fiber optic network card to the IT industry is a household name. Mention Intel NIC we all have many things to say, and talk about the most is the Intel NIC series and models, we here simply summarize the Intel today’s mainstream network card series and model, and teach you to become Intel NIC experts within three minutes.


Recognizing Intel NIC

The latest Intel NIC mentioning support for PCI-Express trunk, PCI-E has been widely used in servers, workstations and desktops, and become the de facto computer trunk standard, PCI-Express network interface card, PCI-Express interface provides network dedicated input/ output (I/O) bandwidth, which can effectively enhance the performance of Gigabit Ethernet. Intel PROSet management tool designed for Microsoft System design, enabling fast, comprehensive access and management. Intel NIC great attention to environmental protection, the majority are using lead-free technology, can be used in the global market within.

Intel NIC is divided into two categories, the server NIC and Desktop PCI Network Adapters. Fiber and copper transmission media server NIC, desktop network card only for the transmission medium of copper wire. Server NIC propagation velocity of up to 10Gbps, is Gigabit network card, desktop network card only reach 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet. The server NIC use of PCI-E or PCI-X interface slot Desktop Adapters use of PCI-E and PCI interface slots, the protection of old equipment compatibility. Server NIC can be a single-port, dual-port, four, and desktop single port NIC.

Intel Network Card and Series

Intel 10GBbps Gigabit network card in three types: IntelPRO/10GbECX4 server network card, use the CA4 copper wire transmission for a maximum transmission of 15 meters. IntelPRO/10GbESR fiber optic server network card, use LC multimode fiber, 300 meters farthest transmission. IntelPRO/10GbELR fiber optic server network card, use SC single-mode fiber, the maximum transmission distance of 10 km. Intel Gigabit network card for high-performance servers to provide the fastest connection in the storage cluster with e-mail, database and standby server, CAD / CAM nodes, data modeling and scientific simulations, financial projections, video editing and digital imaging network backbone used in the connection and other fields.

1-nic-intel card

Intel 1000Mbps fiber optic Gigabit LAN roughly six models: IntelPRO/1000PF Dual Port Server Adapter, PCI-E interface, transmission distance of 275 meters; IntelPRO/1000PF server network card, PCI-E interface, the transmission distance 275 meters, IntelPRO/1000MF doubleport Server Adapter, PCI-X bus, spread a distance of 275 meters; IntelPRO/1000MF server network card, IntelPRO/1000MF server network card (LX), PCI-X bus, available in different fiber optic propagation distance of 550 meters or 10 kilometers; IntelPRO/1000XFserver, network card, the maximum transmission distance of 550 meters.

Intel 1000Mbps copper Gigabit Ethernet is generally divided into five models: Intel’s PRO/1000PT Dual Port Server Adapter, PCI-E interface, propagation distance of 100 meters; IntelPRO/1000PT server network card, PCI-E interface, the propagation distance of 100 meters; IntelPRO /the 1000MT four-port server network card IntelPRO/1000MT dual port server network card, IntelPRO/1000MT server network card, are PCI-X interface, the propagation distance is 100 meters.

Intel Desktop network card is divided into the the 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet copper network card and of 10/100Mbps adaptive copper wire network card two categories are single-port card. Gigabit adaptive the network card IntelPRO/1000PT for PCI-E interface, IntelPRO/1000GT PCI interface. Fast Ethernet LAN networking IntelPRO/100S, IntelPRO/100M, are PCI interface.

The Intel network card coverage from Fast / Gigabit / Gigabit extensive product line range from a hundred to a million pick from the desktop to the server, to the agents, various IT userschoose a space.

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