Thunderbolt Connector And Cable Market Will Soar To $ 700 Million

Thunderbolt Connector And Cable Market Will Soar To $ 700 Million

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Thunderbolt connector and cable market will begin to rise in 2013. Microsoft Windows camp, high-end computer, as well as large screen applications to benefit from Apple’s products, expand import Thunderbolt interface, 2013 Thunderbolt connector and cable demand will rise significantly over last year, can bring a lot of revenue contribution related industries.

The Geigy technology business, Mr Huang Yi Ji, the Geigy Technology its parent company carbatex of at the beginning of August 2011 Intel and Apple authorized, by carbatex basis Thunderbolt specifications connector integrated circuits (IC), then referred to the Geigy Technology assembled to the cable at both ends.

This more than a year since, no one as more and more non-Ping camps forming one (AIO) computers, storage devices, and the docking station (Dock) and screen applications gradually import Thunderbolt interface has to get rid of Thunderbolt connectors and cables cares dilemma foreseeable few years Thunderbolt connector and cable market revenue will grow steadily in the future.

The world by Intel and Apple officially authorized the manufacture of connector manufacturers, only Japan Aviation Electronics with Taiwan carbatex of Foxlink three company, and the cable part, compared with Japan’s Sumitomo Electric Industries and Taiwan Geigy Technology, Foxlink.

It is understood that, unless the Apple camp product import Thunderbolt proportion gradually enhanced, Apple also expand Thunderbolt technology into its products. The new generation of Apple iPhone5 iPad4 and the 5th generation iPod touch, have swithced the connectors and cable replacement for the Lightning version of the connector inside the line space reserved for Thunderbolt. Therefore, the future of Apple in addition to current computer products equipped with Thunderbolt, a new generation of mobile phones, tablet or even smart TV will be equipped with Thunderbolt interface, and thus drive around the consumables business opportunities.

Huang Yi Ji think, high-resolution images to the trend of the times, consumers become accustomed to this video experience, whether it is the screen, save the hard drive or computer, are required to interface with Thunderbolt to meet consumer transfer high-resoltuion the image at the same time to deal with other work needs, therefore, there are a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the production of products equipped with Thunderbolt interface, the second quarter or the third quarter of this year is expected to be massive came out.

According to the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center, in the three-dimensional (3D), Ultra High Definition (UHD)driven by the popularity of the content, cross-device sharing applications under the 2013 to 2017 Thunderbolt connector cum cable market value soared to $700 million, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37%.

Is worth noting that, to further expand the application level, there are many recently launched Thunderbolt optical fiber cable, transmission distance is extended to 100 meters or more.

Even so, fiber optic cable, there are still technical difficulties to be solved. Huang Yi Ji pointed out that fiber optic cable connector often printed circuit board (PCB) overheating problems, therefore, the yield remained at efforts by various manufacturers. In addition, Intel has yet to release the official version of the optical fiber cable specifications, product currently on the market are based on copper specifications accompanied by fiber optic / electrical signal converter is made.


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