Tunable XFP Optical Module Will Replace The 300-pin Module

Tunable XFP Optical Module Will Replace The 300-pin Module

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As operators deploy 100-Gbps backbone network in order to support the emerging high-bandwidth services and commitment, the future will be more and more turning to the WDM transmission architecture. It is estimated that by 2014, the the WDM module market value will reach $ 870 million. Tunable XFP optical module can be used to replace the existing fixed wavelength DWDM XFP modules, the market potential.

Not only that, the expert analysis, the product will also replace the existing high-performance 300-pin modules. Tunable XFP module can provide higher port density, power consumption than the 300-pin optical module greatly reduced, and thus most likely to win a large number of orders from the hands of the equipment manufacturers.

Tunable pluggable optical transceiver especially XFPs, has entered a practical stage. JDSU is the first to launch such products company, to achieve mass production in September last year. The cooperation of the company with 26 customers in the use of adjustable XFPs 12 customers and supplier.

At the same time, JDSU is committed to the adjustable the XFPs product power, in order to achieve the 300-pin modules for metropolitan applications. The way to achieve this goal is to deploy linear tunable XFP+ modules, with support of up to 200km transmission with EDC device. JDSU with the EDC vendors ClariPhy collaboration, with the demonstration on the latter still OFC2010 meeting the CL1012 EDC chip with the JDSU tunable XFP module. JDSU plan to begin shipping in the second quarter of this year linear adjustable XFPs, the company hopes to cooperate equipment suppliers and the EDC.

JDSU also said, the adjustable the XFPs market to make technology investments to become valuable, and look forward to the end of the year adjustable XFPs product shipments will exceed 300-pin modules, tunable 300-pin module shipments will grow this year.

With the continuous growth of the tunable XFP product demand, other companies have also entered the field. In the recently held OFC,  XFP module.

Although more focus toward the WSS and 40G technology, Olcaro also plan to enter XFP field, in addition to Emcore also determined to join the field. The Emcore latest launch micro-ITLA (integrated tunable laser assembly), as the core of the tunable XFP products section.

Meanwhile, Menara Networks, Inc. announced the launch integrated OTN XFP products. The module G.709 framer, OAM and former integrated forward error correction in a XFP module light switch / router vendors as the main target customers. Juniper also introduced the corresponding products.

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