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Underground cable fault locator

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With the accelerated process of urbanization and the rapid development of the industry, Cables has become the “lifeblood” of the city as well as the “nerve” of the industrial production. More and more underground cable as for the load was increased, their own aging and barbaric construction lead cable often fails is not the normal power supply, thus affecting the living and plant shutdowns, immeasurable loss is caused by the mining hospitals and other research units.

To find the problem and restore the power are most concerned event in timely. After the efforts of the researchers invented such instruments. The instrument consists of three parts of the transmitter, the routing locator, fault locator. Is a versatile instrument used to check the the underground cables trend, depth and failure.It can in the case of not dug casing, easily and accurately detect underground cable towards the depth and the exact location of the short circuit and open circuit, so that the entire cable ground without excavation.

The Features of underground cable fault locator

1, small size, light weight, easy to carry
2,detection method is simple, easy to maintain, with automatic protection function
3, low supply voltage and applicability
4, transmitter power, high efficiency;
5detection error is small, anti-interference ability
6, stable and reliable performance

It is the department of communications, electricity, railways, factories, mines, and utilities, maintenance checks to ensure the construction quality inspection of underground cables and the point of failure, an accurate, reliable cable positioning instrument.

Fiberstore NF-816 underground cable locator is very easy to use. It can rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of network wires. you just need to Compare the volume of the “tout” sound and the brightness of the signal indicator. Then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator.

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