Unresolved Situation of Fiber Cable Industry Is Still Rigorous
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Unresolved Situation of Fiber Cable Industry Is Still Rigorous

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Last year because of the global financial crisis impact on China’s fiber optic network industry bring certain obstacles. And fiber optic cable manufacturing enterprises in China mainly concentrated in east China, central China and north China region, including eastern China bulk fiber cables industry and fiber patch cables and so on, is the highlight, which occupies the half of the industry, in terms of strength and scale income benefit relatively has more obvious advantages.

But research shows that wire and cable industry affected by the financial crisis is serious, especially small and medium fiber optic network enterprises is relatively serious, the influence of operating at less than 50%, and the dimensions enterprise despite the slight easing, but starts with insufficient phenomenon is a threatening situation.

Fiber optic network industry is a supporting industry, but it holds a quarter of China’s electrical industry output value, it also is the second largest industry next to the automotive industry.

Fiber optic network products are widely used to every departments of the national economy , is the foundation of modern economic and social functioning, it also a necessary product in People’s Daily life. After construction, fiber cable products’ position are relatively hidden, the quality problem not easily found, inspection. supervision also have difficult, so as to win the market, take the low price competition, so it is easy to penny wise and pound foolish, met the illegal for enterprise, but harm the consumers.
Besides, so far, China’s fiber optic network industry still faces serious line into the threshold low, serious homogeneity, concentration is not high, low technology content, low price competition, and to cut corners and the severity phenomenon of fake and shoddy series of problems, although in recent years the industry has been called on the government’s  relevant departments to strengthen supervision, the relevant policies, but so far still no fundamental improvement.

In addition, due to rising raw materials especially copper networks in recent years, some fiber optic network manufacturing enterprises in raw material cost played a crooked brains. Especially the power cables, electrical equipment, because of the large copper network, so some manufacturers are using coated copper, but to bad or even instead of aluminum, steel, copper or cut corners, all kinds of chaotic phenomena.

How the fiber cable manufacturing enterprise to stand in the perspective of industrial, to stand in the Angle of the society, in the case of neither the interests of the profits, is a realistic problem. The survival of an enterprise is for profit, but is the so-called “gentleman’s love for money should take in proper way”, cannot be subverted and at the price of the interests of the public. Finally, in the administration of quality supervision issues need countries and the relevant inspection agencies increased regulation, increase the intensity of punishment, to further ensure product quality and safety.

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