Useful Information of Video/Date Multiplexer and Fiber Cleaver

Useful Information of Video/Date Multiplexer and Fiber Cleaver

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Today we are going to talked about two types of useful equipment or component that used in the fiber optic communication field. Once is the video/data multiplexer and the other is the fiber cleaver.

4 Channel Video & 1 Return Data to Fiber SM FC 20km Optic Video MultiplexerThe video/date multiplexer belongs to the optical Video transmission system which is mainly for using in security surveillance, telecommunications, CCTV industry, broadcast and professional video, industrial control, and transportation filed. And talking about this kind of product, we should know what a multiplexer is. Maybe we should just illustrate it as WIKIPEDIA says “In electronics, a multiplexer (or MUX) is a device that selects one of several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line. A multiplexer of 2n inputs has n select lines, which are used to select which input line to send to the output. Multiplexers are mainly used to increase the amount of data that can be sent over the network within a certain amount of time and bandwidth. In telecommunications, a multiplexer is a device that combines several input information signals into one output signal, which carries several communication channels, by means of some multiplex technique.” This kind of product is really important in many communication fields, which its aim is to share an expensive resource. Our FiberStores’s video/data multiplexer features uncompressed digital composite video over one fiber support point-to-point or daisy-chain connection, data support RS485(2-wire or 4-wire),RS232,RS422, and compatible with all PAL, NTSC,SECAM Video Systems. We can provide 1/2/4/8/16/24/32 channel video & 1 return data to fiber SM FC 20km optic video multiplexer.

And for the fiber cleaver, it is a tool mainly used to cut the fiberglass to make a good end face. It is really very important in the fiber splicing process, because the quality of the bare fiber end face will determine the quality of the joint of the fibers in the fiber optic fusion process, and the joint point quality means higher or lower attenuation of the fiber connection line. So a superior quality fiber cleaver should be a must in fiber optic splicing, and it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs. And here I would like to recommend you the Fujikura CT-30A high precision fiber cleaver. The CT 30A fiber cleaver is available for ribbon splicing (up to 12 fiber ribbons), and compatible with all AFL Telecommunications fusion splicers. What’s more, the AFL CT-30A fiber cleaver is equally at home in a splicing van or in a bucket truck and is ideal for FTTx applications. It has 48,000 fibers blade life, which is really important among customers.

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