Using Dell Compatible SFP Transceivers to Work With Dell Switches

Using Dell Compatible SFP Transceivers to Work With Dell Switches

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The compatible SFP (small form-factor pluggable) is a compact optical transceiver module used in optical communications for both telecommunication and data communications applications. The compatible SFPs can work with many equipments with different brands, such as Dell, Cisco, 3Com.

The Dell SFP transceivers deliver fiber connectivity to extend the range of your network.This GBIC small form factor pluggable (SFP) is a hot-swappable optical transceiver device that plugs into a high speed data port, linking the switch port to the network. For example, the 1000BASE-SX GBIC/SFP connects a Gb Ethernet or Fiber Channel port to multimode optical fiber via a duplex LC type connector. This hot-pluggable transceiver with SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) footprint features duplex LC connector and provides up to 1.25 Gbps bi-directional data transfer rate. It supports transmission distances of up to 300 m (984.25 ft) for 62.5/125¦Ìm MMF and 500m (1640.42 ft) for 50/125¦Ìm MMF fiber cabling. We can use this SFP transceiver on Dell PowerConnect 2800 series. The PowerConnect 2800 series is a switch family of secure, fixed-port Gigabit Ethernet switches delivering full wire-speed switching performance. These switches offer four port densities, including 8, 16 , 24 and 48 port Gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition the 2824 and 2848 have SFP slots in a combo port arrangement that deliver fiber capabilities (SFP transceivers optional).This 24-port model also provides up to two combo SFP ports for fiber connectivity to other LAN equipment in your network. Usually, it is quiet and simple to manage for small offices connecting PCs and peripherals at faster Gigabit speeds.

Additionally, the compatible Dell SFP transceiver provides a unique enhanced digital diagnostic monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power, and transceiver supply voltage. The 2824 version is scalable from small workgroups to highly dense aggregation solutions at the branch office requiring Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, it offers combo SFP ports for connecting the switch to other networking equipment located beyond the 100m distance limitations for copper cabling. This compatible SFP gigabit transceivers with DELL switch or optical interface can supprot each other, and they make all work great.

We also have other compatible brands transceivers, such as Juniper compatible transceivers. If you are interested in our compatible modules, welcom to visit

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