Video Fiber Converter vs Video Fiber Extender

Video Fiber Converter vs Video Fiber Extender

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As the HDMI technology and its products being mature, it is widely used in our life. The higher and higher request of the transmisson of high-performance video signals seems to be a challenge as there is a flaw that HDMI data will be corrupted if the transmission distance is too long. That said, many terminal devices, like the out door big screen and the long distance video conference, can not play well because it is limitted by the long transmission distance. In order to solve this problem, engineers found that fiber cables can solve this issue by its highly transmission and long distance advantages. As a result, many video data transmission products over fiber are coming into the market. There are two main products among them, the video fiber converter and the video fiber extender. This article will discribe some of the differences between them.

What is Video Fiber Converter?
1 Channel Video & 1 Channel Bi-Directional Data to Fiber SM FC 20km Optical Video Multiplexer (2)Video fiber converter is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit which transfer the twisted pair electrical signals in a short distance and optical signals over long distances. In general, this unit is in a compact size mini box that is also known as the photoelectric converter or fiber media converter. Video fiber converter is generally used in an actual network environment that Ethernet cable can not be covered and must use the fiber cables to extend the transmission distance. In addition, it is usually applied in the access layer of fiber broadband MAN( Metropolitan Area Network). What’s more, it plays an important role in helping the last kilometer fiber optic lines to connect to the outer area network or more network.

What is Video Fiber Extender?
Video fiber extender is a device which is used to long-distance video data transmission. It is serialize the electrical signal using the SerDe(Serializer/Deserializer). A SerDes converts a parallel data source to one or more serial data lanes and vice-versa. Video fiber extender is generally used in pairs, the transmitter(Tx) and the receiver(Rx). The transmitter sends optical signal for fiber transmission while
the receiver is mainly used to restore the optical signal to the electrical signal. The main purpose of Video Fiber Extender is to extend the signal transmission distance. In a simple explanation, the main function of video fiber extender is to achieve the conversion of electrical to optical signal and optical to electrical signal. Due to the video fiber extender is always designed with HDMI, SDI, VGA or DVI interface, we usually simply call such as HDMI video extender instead of the video fiber extender with HDMI interface.
Video Fiber Extender

Comparison of Video Fiber Converter and Video Fiber Extender
Same point: Both of them will carry on the photoelectric conversion

The video fiber converter just takes photoelectric conversion but not changes the code and processes data. Video fiber converter is usually used for Ethernet, running 802.3 protocol, only using for point to point connections.

Video fiber extender is much more complex than the converter. Excepted photoelectric conversion, it also multiplexs and demultiplexs the data or signal. Usually, video fiber extender is mainly used for video transmission areas that requires timeliness such as the high security monitoring, distance learning, video conference and so on. In order to meet the needs of multi-service applications, it can also transmitted and control the switching value, voice and Ethernet signalswe in the same time. Compared to the converter, its fuctions are more powerful and multiple.

Even though there are still some differences between them, their general appearance and function are very similar. As both of them belong to the video fiber transmission system, many manufacturers are accustomed to call them video fiber converter. Therefore, It is worth mentioning that if we want to buy a converter or an extender, we should confirm the product features and working principle before we buy.

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