Wall Mounted Rack Cabinets

Wall Mounted Rack Cabinets

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6U 19Wall mounted rack cabinets is one of the fiber optic enclosures which can be mounted on a wall (or almost any flat surface). Like most fiber optic enclosures, it can hold many components in a relatively smaller space, which enables one to utilize the available storage space very efficiently. In addition, it is required for the physical safety of all the equipments kept within, as most of them could be locked and access denied for unauthorized personnel.


The front panel generally has a hardened glass door to view they equipment inside clearly and also has a lock to ensure physical security. There are two common types of wall mounted racks – Single Section Racks, which have one glass door in the front, that can be fully opened and the cable entry/exit is via the holes in the top and bottom of the racks & Double Section Racks, which are like the single section racks but have an additional opening behind the rack (actually, a rear panel is fixed to the wall, and the whole rack is fixed to one side of the rear panel firmly, and can be turned front/ back to enable one to open and view the rear side of the rack). Common sizes include 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U.


Wall racks save floor space and are ideal for smaller installations or to house system distribution points. Many wall rack styles are available to meet a wide range of project needs. Open-frame styles are great for controlled spaces such as utility rooms and some models can be mounted over conduit and similar obstructions. Enclosed models provide security to protect equipment in more open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards, and many styles have hinged center sections to provide enhanced rear access to equipment and wiring. Depending on the size you select, a Wall Mount Rack may support 300 – 400 lbs of equipment. Review the installation instructions prior to purchasing a Wall Mount Rack to make sure they correspond to your preferred mounting configuration and location. Typically, the Wall Mount Rack will come with assembly, mounting and rack mount hardware. They are useful for housing edge devices in individual departments with fewer networking equipments.

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