What Is A Fiber Optic Cable Tester

What Is A Fiber Optic Cable Tester

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Broadband is the future in communications so the testing of the fibre optic cables necessary for this increasingly vital part of our communications network is an important part of the smooth running of installation. Fiber optic cable tester is a hand-held troubleshooting device that sends red light from a semiconductor laser down a fiber to check for faults such as cracked fibers or defective splices.

The visible red light travels along the fiber core until it reaches a fault, where it leaks out of the fiber. Light leaking through the fault can be seen through plastic coatings and jackets under suitable illumination. Infrared light in the signal leaks out at the same point, but your eyes can’t see it. The tester emits Class II red laser beam, making the light escaping from the damaged fiber easily visible from a distance.

Attenuation of glass fibers is much higher at 630 to 670nm wavelengths of red light than in the 1300 to 1650nm transmission window, but the red light can still travel up to 5km through standard fibers. Note that the fibers must be exposed to use fiber optic cable tester effectively. If the red light leaks out inside a thick cable wrapped in black plastic, you can’t see it. This technique is particularly valuable in equipment bays and other places inside buidings where fibers are exposed.

The Fiber Optic Cable Tester is equipped with a replacement adaptor which can be used for all the most common interfaces such as FC, ST, SC It is suitable to test both single mode and multi-mode cables. With an optional 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter, users can test for 1.25mm cables.

The fiber optic cable tester is an essential tool that quickly and easily locates problem areas in fiber cables. By pinpointing the exact location of fiber damage, technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix the problem effectively. The fiber optic cable tester is also used for conducting continuity tests and performing fiber identification.

Fiber optic cable tester can be used to locate sharp bends, breaks, and damages in fibre. It can also conduct end-to-end continuity tests. The other function is to perform fibre tracing and identification.

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