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What is Optical Cross Connect Cabinet

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Optical cross connects (OCCs) are versatile, fully enclosed cabinets designed for fiber optic rack-mountable hardware. All products in this family offer modular design for incremental growth and are ideal as outdoor protected environments for cross connect installations.

This product is designed for the connection between the Optical fiber cable and the main points, and it is a kind of port device. It has the function of direct or indirect connection, coiling, storage, and dispatching on the fiber cable. Cabinets are made of double side wiredrawing stainless steel, with the protection grade reaching fiberglass-reinforced polyester can endure climate changes and adverse environment. All front access. Suitable for ribbon and no ribbon optic fibers;30 oblique installation of adapters, preventing eyes from laser’s hurts and ensuring the fiber bending radius; Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC, ST(additional flange) adapters; The bending radii are ensured to be more than 40mm in anyplace. Reliable fiber introduction, grounding and fixing, suitable fiber integrated and optical fibers.

Compatible with Corning Cable Systems rack-mountable hardware, these Optical cross connect cabinets can accommodate many combinations of connector, splice and coupler housings. This modular system makes it possible to create fiber optic configurations for outdoor applications. LDC Connector Module Housing Units for installations using field connect orization or factory stubbed housings. Stubbed housings with outdoor cable are available and can be spliced into the network using one of the many Corning Cable Systems splice closures. Furcation kits for field installation of connectors in an outdoor environment are also available to protect the fibers. In addition, splice housings can be used for pigtail splicing inside the cabinet. The pad-mountable version (-G) requires the PAD-OCC-01 for the 31-G and 51-G or the PAD-OCC-02 for the 80-G. The pad-mountable frame aids in construction of the pad and installation of cables. The galvanized steel frame provides a properly sized opening in the pad for cable entry and contains threaded inserts for accurately mounting the cabinet during installation.

Modular design of Fiber Cross-connection Cabinet provides the largest flexibility; satisfy the needs of the present and future development. The body using the stainless steel and surface using electrostatic spray so it has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging function, the wind protection class of the body achieves the IP66 level. The effect of defense dewing is excellent. The module tray can spin out of 90 degrees around the axis in the left front, and the bevel of the adapters within the module takes on 30 degrees. The clip-locked installation ensures the bending radius of the fiber directly and prevents the eyes from injury. Weld disk can spin out of 90 degrees, and then draw out, so it is convenient to construction, and also convenient to expansion and maintenance. Have doors in the front and back, have ample space for cabling, convenient to operation and maintenance. Have reliable device for fastness, peeling and grounding of the optical cables. Insulation resistance between high voltage protection earth and box20,000MΩ /500V (DC)

FS.COM offers Optical Fiber Cross-connection Cabinet with excellent defense dewing effect, good corrosion resistance and anti-aging function fiber optical cross connect cabinet is used as the interface device at the splice of the trunk cable and wiring cable in the access network. It is mainly used for the connection, distribution and scheduling of the outdoor cables, and it could actualize the weld, terminal, storage and scheduling of the optical fibers.

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