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Why Does Fiber Media Converter will be Platformization

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No matter what kind of products, as long as it launched it needs to running-in with the market. Fiber media converter, no matter 10/100/1000 Media Converter, or Mulitmode Singlemode Media Converter,has no exception. There are products on the market, there are customer demands, and there are fiber optic transceivers manufacturers. In order to get ahead in the future, manufacturers need to improve product technical level, technology development.

The personage inside course of study on the analysis of the cause of the platform, said: this includes the concept and the market. Lack of macro programming of the market, customers do not understand fiber optic transmission, the questions directly to the manufacturer. Manufacturer is for the customer’s questions and requirements, specially developed to meet the customer special platform. So it is easy to mislead the customers.If they want to upgrade, customers will not be able to use other brand of equipment and application platform. There is video fiber optic transceiver to meet the needs of large and medium-sized project, but these projects will be more and more, and each project has different requirements. Platform product at this time is very convenient, it can according to customer demand for rapid development and production, providing interface requirement.

In addition there is another reason, is a highway in recent years, safe city project requirements is higher, need to transfer the video image, this is about to use optical fiber, and video to hierarchical management control. If you use the previous simulation technology, then in the process of transmission, the signal attenuation is fast.

Fiber optic transceiver product launch platform level, has the following meanings:

1, able to complete enough fiber optic transceiver

2, can put the DVR, crossing matrix functions into the platform;

3, a monitoring center, a number of monitoring points of problems is improved; Connect each scattered.

4, solves the problems of analog matrix and light machine use.

Use previous analog matrix and fiber optic transceiver, the connection is complex, the size hard to realize. And the platform level products completely solve these problems, also can reduce the price of the overall project.

Finally, platform level products not temporary to replace product, or a bit further in the next five years, fiber optic transceiver platform level is epoch-making product.

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