Why Thunderbolt Interface Has Not Yet Universal?

Why Thunderbolt Interface Has Not Yet Universal?

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Thunderbolt interface since early 2011 has been nearly two years, the terro of 10Gb/s transmission speed (fiber optic Thunderbolt even up to 100Gb/s) and no one can, but also to achieve the power supply as well as convenient device extension can be described as broad prospects, has been applied on a series of Apple Mac computers. Compared to PC, Mac after all, belong to a small minority, and so long gone, but on the absolute number of advantages PC the rare Thunderbolt interface figure, the average consumer is almost nobody used. Why is this?

The problem lies in the development of this technology – Intel (Thunderbolt technology for Intel and Apple to develop). Intel Thunderbolt technology marketing and planning Jason Ziller, director revealed that Intel will be and who they think has the ability to provide the best products and manufacturers to meet stringent certification requirements for close cooperation. From which it is not hard to understand why the market is difficult to see the Thunderbolt notebook interface.

Thunderbolt interface represents the future trend of the transmission, but there are many obvious drawbakcs, the high cost of the mainstream market is difficult to accept, the cost of the control chip will soon become mainstream USB 3.0 several times higher. In addition, the Windows system drive, perfoemance, compatibility, hot-swappable performance there is a lot of instability. Thunderbolt interface does not PC manufacturers are required the motherboard supports Thunderbolt interface on the market.

Jason Ziller also said that this year will be to expand the scope of the technology licensing vendors. There are some indications that lightning interface situation seems to change, Apple quietly released a half meter short cable, the price is $ 10 less than 2011 m transmission line, Corning this year’s CES show a new cable, you can transfer data at a distance of several hundred feet.

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