Will 2013 be 10000M Copper Network Era

Will 2013 be 10000M Copper Network Era

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With the explosive growing information technology, people have higher requirement for fiber optic information transmission. All kinds of large data centers, especially the establishment of cloud computing center. All kinds of video conference, high-definition television, streaming media fiber optic transmission, the integrated cable system put forward new requirements and challenges. Original 10MBPS, 100MBPS, 1000MBPS transmission rate, can’t meet current application demand yet.

Along with the rapid development of information technology and network application requirements unceasing enhancement, to transmit data information is bigger and bigger. The traditional data center transmission capacity under enormous pressure, 10000MEthernet media converter technology breakthrough the limitation of traditional Ethernet transmission from close range. In addition to its application in local area network and campus network, also can be easily used in metropolitan area even wide-area scope, to build a high-performance network core.

As 10G Base-T Ethernet media converter Cat. 6 wiring standard TIA/EIA 568 b. 2-10 to ISO/iec11801and successively promulgated, it marks the 10000M Ethernet out of the lab, after two years of adapting to the market, has become a mature and feasible technology. 10000M copper network, with its cheap, good compatibility, easy construction etc, which gradually become the mainstream of the integrated cable, according to the Intel’s forecast, 10G Base-T Ethernet media converter eventually become a major media options, 10000M copper run into explosive growth.

Good compatibility

10000M copper network cables in the center of the data has the advantage of supporting standard and general RJ45 Ethernettwisted-pair cable, then have the with a variety of servers, storage, network and other IT equipment compatibility, also has the convenience in using and maintenance. Compatibility makes 10000M copper network compared to fiber optic cabling is easier to gain market acceptance.

The cost advantage

10G Base-T Ethernet media converter is the purpose of the technical standards by 3 times the cost of implementation of 10 times the performance of the measure standard is currently using the most advanced technology of Ethernet, the cost is 3 times as much, performance reached its 10 times). For a wide range of implementation 10000M Ethernet, Ethernet 10000M copper cable in the main driving force is reduced 10000M Ethernet networking costs, for a wide range of implementation 10000M Ethernet, using the optical fiber transmission solutions have proved to be too expensive, so based on the solution of copper has been the development and application.

Based on cloud computing, Internet of things, such as the continuous development of new technologies and applications, demand for bandwidth of network is more and more high, especially under the environment of cloud computing data center will be a lot based on virtualization technology, so as to maximize the improvement of utilization of server equipment, fiber cables system which requires a higher bandwidth to support cloud computing data center fiber optic communication, 10G (10000 Ethernet) application has become mainstream, 40G / 100G as the backbone of the cloud computing data center development also will be become more and more users attention and to try. Big data transmission requirements, technology innovation, integrated cable industry into 10000M copper age, embodies the copper strong vitality.


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