Wire Marker And Cable Tie To Organize Wires and Cables
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Wire Marker And Cable Tie To Organize Wires and Cables

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In fiber optic networks, the number of electrical gadgets and machinery would naturally be large, so would the volume of wires and cables used for them. It is practically impossible for any person to memorize the precise functions of each and every cable. Using Cable Ties to segregate the different categories of wires, and label them according to their applications. This reduces the chances of confusions cropping up, particularly during peak working hours. Most electricians find wire marker(or cable marker), Wire Loom and cable tie are necessary to organize the wires and cables. Wire marker is ideal for marking wire cable to eliminate guess work for future maintenance, making identification and branding easy. Wire Loom can be used as cable protector and cable organizer at the same time. And cable ties to tie the wires in a secure manner.

Wire marker ties go a long way in effectively labeling the huge volume of industrial cables, which might seem unmanageable at the first glance. By keeping the wires segregated, marked and properly maintained, they also lessen the chances of potentially damaging industrial fires. With more and more types of wires coming into the market, the application of wire marker ties is likely to increase further over time.

Organizing and labeling wires have come to be recognized as two of the most important tasks, for keeping the functionalities of industrial electronic tools at their optimal levels, the wire markers serve as just the right equipments for these purposes. With these durable and easy-to-use wire marker ties, you can keep wires clutter-free, easily identifiable, and clean. Properly assembled and maintained wires boost up overall industrial safety levels, too.

The wire markers have the most noteworthy advantages, such as easy and long-lasting marks, can labeling on different types of wires, provision of information on critical industrial parameters, resistance to corrosion, low maintenance requirements, compatibility with wires of different power ratings, can be conveniently cut, modified and customized.

Cable Marking and Choice of Printing Methods

There are so many printing methods available that it can be difficult to determine which is best for your cable and application. Different techniques can also be employed for printing the labels/marks on the wire markers. You can opt for markers with basic inkjet prints, or those that employ the new-age hot-stamping techniques. Indent printing is possible on the wire marker ties too. If required, identification marks can be embossed on the latter as well.

The type of Wire Marker you buy should depend on where you use them and with what printing technology you use. For example, for bench/desktop wire and cable markers, it’s best to use blank labels, sleeves and tags that can be printed using a higher volume printer. For pre-printed wire and cable markers, it’s best to use blank or pre-printed labels you can write or print on. Label marker sleeves are an economical and durable solution when you only need two or three digits for identification. And for portable printer wire and cable markers, use blank labels, sleeves and tags that can be printed using lower volume printers.

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