XENPAK Module Compatible Many Brands

XENPAK Module Compatible Many Brands

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The range of Fiberstore 10G BASE XENPAK modules provides a wide variety of 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center, enterprise wiring closet, and service provider transport applications. XENPAK modules were supplied for physical layer interfaces supporting multi-mode and single mode fiber optic cables and InfiniBand copper cables with connectors known as CX4. Transmission distances vary from 100 metes to 80 kilometers for fiber and up to 15 metes on CX4 cable. Newer XENPAK using the 10GBase-LX4 standard operated using multiple wavelengths on legacy muti-mode fibers at distances of up to 300 meters. eliminating the need to reinstall cable in a building when upgrading certain 1 G bit/s circuits to 10 Gbit/s.

Xenpak is Cisco’s 10G fiber optic transceiver, it support all optical ports as defined in IEEE 802.3ae, supporting speed 10.3 Gb/s,9.95 Gb/s or4×3.125 Gb/s. Xenpak is easy to use, one transceiver can take the 10G Ethernet optical ports function, it is one of the first generation 10G fiber optic transceivers yet it is still used today. FiberStore supply various kinds of Cisco equivalent Xenpak transceivers, typical types include the Xenpak 10GB SR, with 300 meters working span, Xenpak 10GB LR, with 10km working distance and the 40km
XENPAK-10GB-LR. They are with good price and excellent compatibility.

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