Enhance 80km Connectivity to 100G with FS 100G ZR4 Transceiver

Updated on Nov 16, 2023

Today, 100G QSFP28 transceivers are widely deployed within a range of 100 meters to 40km. However, a challenge arises with traditional 100G QSFP28 modules, as their design is limited to distances not exceeding 40km. Beyond this range, issues like dispersion and optical attenuation increase, leading to decreased signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and higher error rates.

How to Extend Your 100G Reach to 80km with 100G ZR4 Module?

As data-intensive applications continue to grow, the substantial increase in bandwidth demand requires service providers and network operators to transform their offerings to keep pace. For customers looking to upgrade their 80km 10G links to 100G, they can consider solutions like CFP2-DCO modules or QSFP-DD ZR modules. However, these transceivers offer high-speed transmission and extended distance with increased power consumption. Utilizing the current 10G network with lower capacity or adding extra fibers would be costly and not easily scalable. Thus a 100G solution is needed which could extend their reach beyond 40km——QSFP28-ZR4-100G module which can simply and cost-effectively achieve transmission distances of up to 80km.


Key Technologies of 100G ZR4 Module

The development of QSFP 100G ZR4 was driven by customer demand for a practical 100G module with an 80km reach. The key technologies adopted by the 100G ZR4 module are described below:

  • Prevailing configuration for QSFP28: Utilization of four 25G optical and electrical lanes

  • Minimize chromatic dispersion: Operating in the O-band (at 1295, 1300, 1304, and 1309 nm)

  • Compensate for attenuation: Integration of an SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier)

  • Optimize the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): Implementation of a high-power transmitter

  • Simplify transmission, maintain compatibility: Employing standard Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) modulation


QSFP 100G ZR4 Application Scenarios

The QSFP28-ZR4-100G addresses several application areas:

Enterprise Networks

From various industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and remote offices, modern enterprises demand high-speed connectivity to connect their facilities over expanding geographical distances. With its extended reach, the 100G ZR4 offers enhanced versatility in constructing a network tailored to the specific needs of the business.


Regional Data Center

To cut down on IT operational expenses, companies are shifting their applications to the cloud. Thanks to the QSFP28 ZR4 transceivers, enterprises can securely transmit increased volumes of data across high-speed connections to data centers spanning distances of up to 80 km.


Service Providers

Service providers such as telcos, cable companies, and utilities can use the extended reach of QSFP 100G ZR4 modules to link central offices or provide customers 100G services. This solution offers substantial bandwidth while eliminating the need for costly intermediary repeater stations for connections spanning up to 80km.


Rural Broadband

Across the world, numerous government-sponsored programs aim to bolster the development and maintenance of high-speed rural networks. The 100G ZR4 module, boasting an 80 km coverage, plays a pivotal role in assisting telecommunications companies in their quest to elevate rural networks to 100G speeds, all while striving to narrow the digital divide.


Mobile Operator

As 5G networks continue to expand, there is a growing demand for wireless providers to establish 100G connections for aggregating both 4G and 5G traffic. The 100G ZR4 modules are the ideal solution, providing the necessary reach to extend their services to remote decentralized areas, covering distances of up to 80km.


How FS QSFP-ZR4-100G Module Achieve Your 80km Links?

FS’s broad portfolio of 100G optical modules provides network operators and service providers with a comprehensive solution for their networking needs. With the QSFP 100G ZR4 pluggable module, the possibilities are extended to achieving a remarkable 80km connectivity on your existing 10G links. In this regard, let's delve into the key benefits, and how they make 80km connections possible:

  • 10X Capacity Boost: The QSFP28-ZR4-100G pluggable module offers a remarkable 10X capacity increase for 80km 10G links, enabling enterprises, service providers, and wireless operators to optimize their networks.

  • Integrated SOA Design: Provide a straightforward, economical 100G solution for extended-range applications with an 80km reach, eliminating the need for repeaters.

  • Efficient Fiber Resource Management: 100G ZR4 empowers organizations to revamp their networks by repurposing existing fibers or terminating expensive leases, resulting in high-performance, cost-effective networks.

  • Efficient Fiber Resource Management: 100G ZR4 empowers organizations to revamp their networks by repurposing existing fibers or terminating expensive leases, resulting in high-performance, cost-effective networks.

  • Lower Cost-Per-Bit: Upgrading from 10G modules to QSFP28-ZR4-100G not only significantly increases bandwidth for long-haul applications but also reduces the cost-per-bit, making it a cost-effective network enhancement solution.


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