800G DR8 Solution for High Speed Data Center in A New Era

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Over the past few years, basic technologies such as 5G networks, storage media and computing power are constantly upgrading, which has driven the popularization of 100G and 400G data centers. Now the era of 800G data center is also on the way. This article will focus on the 800G DR8 to introduce FS 800G data center solutions, designed to provide a comprehensive and high-performance portfolio to help customers around the world expand and upgrade 800G networks.

What Is 800G DR8 Transceiver?

The 800GBASE-DR8 optical transceiver is designed for 800GBASE Ethernet throughput up to 500m over single-mode fiber (SMF) with MPO-12/16 connectors. It adopts a built-in Broadcom 7nm DSP chip and EML laser and has a maximum power consumption of 16.5W. This transceiver is compliant with IEEE P802.3ck, IEEE 802.3cu, and QSFP-DD MSA. It is suitable for 800G Ethernet, data center, breakout 2x 400G DR4, or 8x 100G DR application.

FS 800G DR8 Transceiver Features

  • Lower Power Consumption: built by Broadcom 7nm DSP chip which can achieve lower power consumption less than 16.5w.

  • High density Form Factor: increasing the density of product ports and enhancing transmission capacity with high-density QSFP-DD/OSFP format.

  • Smooth Upgrade: supporting 8x100G breakout applications with MTP/MPO connector, thus realizing the original 100G smooth upgrade to 800G while reducing the cost.

  • CMIS5.0 Standard: providing diverse functions of module status monitoring and information diagnostic, which contributes to the operation and maintenance of the existing network.

FS 800G DR8 Solution in 800G Data Center

1. Newly built 800G Data Center

In the newly built 800G data center, 800G 2FR4 and 800G 2LR4 transceivers are used in core and spine switches. The 800G DR8 modules are used for interconnecting leaf and ToR switches.


2. Upgrade from 400G to 800G

In the 400G-800G upgrade solution, based on the original 400G data center network, Core, Spine, and Leaf switches are upgraded to 800G, and the TOR remains at 400G. 800G 2xFR4/2xLR4 modules are used in Core and Spine switches, 800G DR8 in Leaf switches and 400G DR4 in the TOR, both interconnected in breakout solution.


Key Benefits of FS 800G DR8 Solution

  • High Density & Low-power Consumption: smaller QSFP-DD/OSFP format and 7nm DSP chips ensure high product integration, thus realizing lower power consumption while providing a higher bandwidth rate.

  • Flexible Deployment Options: provide different schemes including solutions for newly built 800G and upgraded 800G from 400G data center, achieving smooth upgrade transition afterward.

  • Cost-effective: self-developed 53G EML lasers, which facilitate large-scale automated production, thus reducing production costs.

  • High Quality & Fast Delivery: self-developed chips, and strictly controlled manufacturing and testing processes, as well as various quality assurance measures to ensure stable production capacity and product quality; global warehousing system to ensure fast delivery.

FS 800G Data Center Solution

Part Number Parameter
QDD800-2FR4-C1 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 2km DOM SMF
QDD800-2LR4-C1 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 10km DOM Duplex SMF
QDD800-DR8-B1 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM MTP/MPO-16 SMF
OSFP800-DR8-B1 OSFP PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM MTP/MPO-16 SMF
OSFP-DR8-800G OSFP PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM Dual MTP/MPO-12 SMF
QDD-DR4-400G QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM MTP/MPO-12 APC SMF
QSFP-DR-100G QSFP28 Single Lambda 1310nm 500m DOM Duplex LC SMF
QSFP-100G-PC01 1-meter, Passive, QSFP28 to QSFP28, 30AWG
16FMTPSMF 1m (3ft) MTP®-16 APC (Female) to MTP®-16 APC (Female) OS2
TS4620 6U Tower Server, 4 x 3.5''/2.5'' Hot-swap SAS/SATA/SSD Drive Bays, 2 x RJ45 1GbE Ports, 550W Redundant
MSN4410-WS2FC 24 x 100Gb QSFP28-DD, with 8 x 400Gb QSFP-DD


As technology advances, data centers are expected to achieve unprecedented levels of throughput. FS data center 800G DR8 solution is aimed at pursuing more efficient and stable data transmission, finally satisfying the various networking needs of customers. If you want to know more information about 800G data center solutions of FS, please click to check: Scaling the Internet for the Future With 800G.

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