800G FR4 Solution: The Best Choice for High-Speed Data Transmission

Posted on Sep 11, 2023

As the business scales up, data centers face increasing demands for data processing. Data-intensive applications such as data center virtualization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing are driving the continuous expansion of data center traffic, thus increasing the market demand for high-capacity 800G solutions. Many large Internet companies need to build new 800G data centers or upgrade their existing data centers from 400G to 800G speeds. The 800G optical module solution aims to meet the market's need for higher speeds, higher capacities, and lower latency while achieving lower power consumption by transmitting the same amount of data.

800G FR4 Wiki

The 800G FR4 optical module is a module used in high-speed optical communication systems. It comes in different packaging types such as QSFP-DD and OSFP.This module supports up to 2km link lengths over single-mode fiber and is equipped with a built-in Broadcom 7nm DSP chip. It has a maximum power consumption of 19W and complies with the IEE802.3ck, IEEE 802.3cu, and QSFP-DD MSA standards. It is applied in high-density communication environments such as data center interconnection, cloud computing networks, and large-scale computing.

800G FR4 Solution

Direct connection

In direct connection scenarios, 800G FR4 is commonly applied in Leaf to Spine and Spine to Core layers, supporting transmission distances of up to 2km. It can interop with another 800G FR4 module over a Dual CS cable. It utilizes self-developed 53G EML (Electro-absorption Modulated Laser) technology, offering cost-effective and high-performance solutions.



In the Breakout solution, 800G FR4 is typically used for the Spine or Core layer, supporting transmission distances of up to 2km. It has four optical ports that can be used to connect two 400G modules over a Dual CS cable. Additionally, 800G FR4 supports CMIS5.0, offering extensive module status monitoring and information diagnostic capabilities, which are very helpful for network operation and maintenance.


Key Benefits of 800G FR4 Solution

  •  High Density: Deploying QSFP-DD/OSFP modules in high density increases transmission capacity and can provide higher bandwidth rate.

  •  Low Power Consumption: Using DSP chips enables lower power consumption and higher integration.

  •  Flexible Deployment: Provide different ways of breakout or direct connection schemes, which are more abundant and flexible and convenient for a smooth upgrade transition afterwards.

FS 800G Transceiver Solution

 No.  Product Name Part Number  Parameter
 1  Optical Module  QDD800-2FR4-C1  PAM4 1310nm 2km DOM Dual CS SMF
 2  QDD800-2LR4-C1  PAM4 1310nm 10km DOM Dual CS Duplex SMF
 3  QDD800-DR8-B1  PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM MTP/MPO-16 SMF
 4  QSFPDD-DR4-400G  PAM4 1310nm 500m DOM MTP/MPO-12 APC SMF
 5  QSFPDD-FR4-400G  PAM4 1310nm 2km DOM Duplex LC SMF 
 6  QSFP28-DR-100G  Single Lambda 1310nm 500m DOM Duplex LC SMF
 7   DAC Cable  Q28-PC01  1-meter, Passive, QSFP28 to QSFP28, 30AWG
 8  Fiber Optic Cable  HD-SMUCSDX  1m (3ft) Senko CS™ UPC to CS™ UPC Duplex OS2
 9  Server  TS4620
6U Tower Server, 4 x 3.5''/2.5'' Hot-swap SAS/SATA/SSD Drive Bays,
2 x RJ45 1GbE Ports, 550W Redundant
24 x 100Gb QSFP28-DD, with 8 x 400Gb QSFP-DD



The 800G FR4 solution is the best choice for achieving high-speed data transmission in current data centers and communication networks. With its flexible connection schemes and FS's range of optional products, users can easily achieve high-bandwidth and high-performance data transmission, enhancing network performance and reliability to meet the growing demands of data processing.

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