Best Patch Panel Cable Management Techniques

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Making Your Network More Efficient and Organized

In the structured cabling system, a well-organized patch panel cable management is essential for providing physical security for sensitive network connections (such as fiber links), minimizing network downtime by allowing easy access during routine maintenance, and offering huge scalability to increasing density when you need to connect a large number of devices. This article will focus on the best patch panel cable management techniques.


Fiber Optic Patch Panel Cable Management Solutions

Patch panel cable management is involved in two components: fiber optic patch panels and Ethernet patch panels. Different kinds of patch panel meet the demand to effectively manage high-density structured cabling in different applications. Here are the fiber optic patch panel cable management solutions below.

1G-1G Interconnect Solution With Rack Mount Enclosure

The rack mount enclosure is always loaded with LC, SC, ST, MTP/MPO fiber adapter panels to provide a pathway to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. Just use wall mount enclosure, fiber fusion splice tray, rack mount enclosure with fiber optic panels and fiber cables respectively, a 1G to 1G patch panel cable management interconnection is finished (See the chart below).

10G-10G Interconnect Solution With Fiber Adapter Panel

The fiber optic patch panel cable management can be achieved by using fiber adapter panels and fiber optic cassettes. Just using rack mount enclosures with MTP-8, MTP-12, or MTP-24 fiber cassettes,fiber adapter panels and fiber optic cables, you can easily finish the 10G to 10G interconnection system in a very short time (as shown below). This mounting option is suitable for backbone cabling, enterprise fiber solution, data center (HDA-EDA) applications.

25G-25G Interconnection

The 25G-25G fiber patch panel cable management interconnection is easy to build with horizontal lacer panel, rack mount enclosure and fiber optic panels. This kind of patch panel cable management is ideal for campus network, data center (ZDA) applications.

10G-40G Migrate Cabling Solution With Base-8 Breakout Patch Panel

In base-8 wiring, breakout patch panels can sufficiently and effectively realize the current application from QSFP+ to SFP+, to ensure your network with excellent compatibility, better management, and even a future-proofing network. The following table shows the 10G to 40G fiber optic patch panel cable management migration with a base-8 breakout patch panel, which can efficiently manage high-density structured cabling for campus networks.

10G/25G/40G/100G/400G Interconnect Solution

Additionally, fiber optic patch panel cable management can be reached with FHD 4U rack mount enclosures for 10G/25G/40G/100G/400G interconnection. This kind of option is usually applied for horizontal cable management between MDA, HDA, and EDA.


Ethernet Patch Panel Cable Management Solution

Ethernet patch panel cable management includes Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 patch panel. They are an ideal method to create a flexible, reliable and tidy cabling system for Ethernet cables. The horizontal cable manager is often used to arrange small bundles of patch cables from network switches and 24-port patch panels. It provides an economical and superior cable management solution for organizing patch cords and maintaining required bend radius.



Today’s data centers require a reliable, scalable, and manageable cabling infrastructure, and then the patch panel cable management solutions address these trends and facilitate the efficiency of high-density data center cabling. By the way, when purchasing the cabling infrastructure, there is no single solution that will meet all of the cable management needs. Hope this article provides you with the comprehensive patch panel cable management techniques for successful cabling deployment in your data center.

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