Choosing the Right Cable Manufacturer

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Data center cabling system is an important infrastructure for data centers, which supports the connectivity, interoperability, and operation of the entire data center network. Building data center cabling systems requires appropriate cables. There are many cable manufacturer options for enterprises to work with. Enterprises need to choose a qualified and reliable cable supplier that can produce safe and high-quality cables for their needs.

How to Choose the Right Cable Manufacturer

It can be difficult to choose from a multitude of cable manufacturers, but there are some methods to guide you, such as measuring their product quality, certifications, experience, and capabilities.

Evaluate Cable Design and Manufacturing Performance

The first thing is to research the cable manufacturers and find out how good they are at making cables. You can search for other customers' reviews through various methods, such as the Internet, to determine whether their products are worth buying.

Make sure the cabling manufacturer you are considering using can produce data center cables that meet design specifications and maintain high-quality standards. Pay particular attention to their product quality management system. Recognize the specific production process of the cables and the types of quality tests that the manufacturer conducts. This is critical to assessing the manufacturer's ability to produce a good product.

What's more, product quality documentation and warranties require verification during the purchase consideration stage to ensure a lifetime guarantee of product, system, and performance. It is also important to ask your manufacturer about after-sales quality issue solutions to further ensure a correct manufacturer selection and cable purchase.

Check Manufacturers' Certifications

Cable manufacturers need to comply with the regulations of the different markets they serve. The cabling manufacturer you choose should have the necessary certifications to produce the data center cables you need. In addition to certifications related to products' overall quality, different industries have unique certifications that demonstrate a manufacturer's ability to produce a high-quality product in a particular market or industry. There are a variety of certifications for cable manufacturers that you can check before the final decision.

ISO 9001: It's an international standard for a quality management system (QMS), which can audit a manufacturer's product development, production, and supply services.

ISO 14001: This ISO certification sets out the requirements for environmental management. Certified manufacturers take on their environmental responsibilities and reduce environmental impacts.

RoHS: RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) restricts the use of 10 hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment. Manufacturers that meet RoHS requirements can improve the reliability of their cables.


Find an Experienced Manufacturer

After confirming the qualified quality of products through the methods mentioned above, it is also necessary to verify whether the manufacturer you choose can provide the products you need flexibly and reliably, and ensure a good user experience during your purchase journey. An experienced cable manufacturer can fulfill these requirements.

Therefore, it's essential to confirm whether the manufacturer has enough experience in supplying cables. Cable manufacturers with extensive experience can be better at making the products and providing the quantities you need. What's more, after years of development, they won't easily go out of business, so they can support long-term cooperation. To determine whether a manufacturer is experienced or not, you can go directly to their official website and research information about their company development and external collaborations.

Access their Comprehensive Capabilities

Experience does not represent the whole picture. Specific measurements of the cable manufacturer's capabilities in various areas are required, as shown below.

Sourcing Capacity: Cabling manufacturers need to be able to quickly access a wide range of materials to support subsequent sustained data center cable production and save costs.

Manufacturing Capacity: In addition to ensuring product quality, extensive design and manufacturing capabilities are required to provide a wide variety of cables. Advanced production methods can help reduce production time.

Supply Capacity: Your cabling manufacturer has the capability to take on large orders while providing fast turnaround. And it can deliver cables to the destination within the time you specify.

Service Capability: Look for a manufacturer that offers complete design servers. It can provide technical experts remotely or on-site to help with topology and infrastructure layout.

Selecting the Optimal Cable Manufacturer for Your Needs

Cable manufacturers with proper experience, capabilities, and certifications can provide high-quality and reliable cables to help enterprises build data center cabling systems and grow their business. FS has been providing clients with reliable data center cabling solutions since 2009, and now serves customers across 200 countries with highly acclaimed products and services. With professional testing, agile delivery, and forward-thinking innovation, FS can meet diverse business needs, making it the optimal choice for enterprises.

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