Customized Server — A Future Choice for Data Growing Demands

Updated on Mar 30, 2023

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With the continuous growth of data, the demand for servers in the data center market is getting higher and higher, and at the same time, higher requirements are also put forward in terms of performance requirements. Customized servers came into being to meet the diverse needs of customers. This article will take you through custom hardware servers and their advantages.

What Customized Servers Mean?

As the name implies, a customized server is a new type of server that is developed, designed, and produced based on the actual needs of different businesses on the basis of traditional servers. A hardware customized server is a computer that operates independently of any network or central server. They are servers specially built to meet specific business needs, such as AI, big data, IoT and other business scenarios, for CPU, GPU, FPGA, memory, chipset, I/O bus, I/O device, power supply, chassis wait. Therefore, they are more suitable for specific workloads.

Business Benefits of Customized Servers

As the most obvious feature of customization, "on-demand configuration" servers can better match application scenarios and business process requirements, with higher efficiency and reliability, and lower user costs.

Enhanced performance. For enterprises with a wide variety of businesses, standard servers often can not meet the application requirements of all scenarios. In contrast, customized servers are entirely developed, configured, and software tuned according to different techniques of the enterprise so that they can be better integrated with the business, thus providing better performance.

More stable and reliable. Since the customized server is specially developed and designed for specific applications, the workload under special scenario applications will be optimized. Hence, they are more balanced than traditional servers, and their stability and reliability are superior.

Save energy cost. Among the various expenditures of the server, the cost for cooling is undoubtedly the most important. Relevant data show that, assuming that a data center has a service life of 10 years, in the TCO (total cost of ownership) composition of the data center, the electricity cost accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 20%. In terms of power consumption, 41% is used for data center cooling. A customized server can not only improve the heat dissipation of the entire system, but also make the server run more stably.

Lower overall costs. Relatively speaking, the purchase cost of customized servers is higher, but the computing performance of customized servers better matches the business, and the resource efficiency is higher, which means that fewer servers can support the same business. In addition, fewer servers and optimized cooling efficiency can also reduce power and operation and maintenance costs to support business development.

Key Considerations for Choosing Customized Servers

Whether it is a standard server or a customized server, you need to choose the type that matches your business. A few important considerations are listed here.

Hardware and Software Capabilities

For server customization, stability is the most important thing. The role of the server is to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise, thereby promoting business development. The stability of the server is often directly related to its product quality, hardware configuration and software system, such as processor and power redundancy. Powerful data processing capabilities avoid data delays, while redundant power supplies reduce the possibility of downtime.

Business Expansion

To customize the server, expansion needs should be considered. Enterprises are constantly developing, and data is also increasing rapidly. If the server is selected to meet the current needs, performance and memory will not be enough, and business operating costs will also be increased. Therefore, when choosing customized servers, it must be ensured that the performance of the server can meet future needs, and key parts such as memory and storage can support expansion.

Product Warranty and Service

The dedicated server requires certain technical content in terms of installation, use, management and maintenance, and it also requires enterprise server managers to master certain knowledge. When an enterprise chooses a custom server manufacturer, it must ensure that the manufacturer has professional technical team support and good after-sales service.

Discover FS Customized Servers to Simplify Your IT

Based on the current development of data centers and high-speed networks, FS has introduced high-density rack servers, such as RS3110, RS6140, etc. For SMBs or home networks, FS has also introduced tower servers, such as TS4620 servers. Rack and tower servers with Intel Scalable processors are highly scalable and available to fully support your business growth. Of course, if you need to increase the processor or memory, you can choose accessories customized services (CPUs, memory sticks, hard drives, and card slots) for you to choose from.

In addition, the FS server software design includes Integrated BMC Management, which can perform Real-time monitoring to ensure system security. IPMI2.0 and remote management simplify your IT deployment and save your efficiency and cost.


If you get either of the FS rack servers and tower servers, you get full server management, fully included at no additional cost to you. This means you'll have a team of experts managing your servers with the best tools in the industry, top-notch server resources, and unrivaled technical support.


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Diversified application scenarios increase the market's demand for customized servers. With the rapid development of AI, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies, the digital transformation of enterprises is accelerating, which has spawned more new scenario applications and quickly implemented them. Custom servers will become a better choice for enterprises.

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