Data Center Video Surveillance: A Must for Security

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What Is the State of Data Center Security?

A data center, an information repository of modern society, can provide all types of data services and interconnect with the outside through the internet.

However, due to the lack of effective safety mechanisms and precautions, such as the monitoring of people entering and leaving the data center, the data center can get attacked or threatened easily and the critical data may also be illegally accessed and manipulated, thus influencing the data center's security.

Therefore, to secure the data center, it's necessary to enhance its safety precautions. Using data center video surveillance can solve the above problems very well.


Why Must Data Center Security Include Video Surveillance?

For a long time, data center physical security is given less attention in contrast with network security, because people are overly concerned about the risk of data loss from cyberattacks and data breaches. Although physical attacks are not as common as cyberattacks, they are still very real threats to your data security. To protect data centers from physical attacks, some physical security measures, such as video surveillance, are required.

According to Urban's research, video surveillance is a cost-effective way to deter and reduce crime in Baltimore and Chicago. Is data center video surveillance really that effective? Keep reading to find more information about it.

Video Surveillance for Data Center

Video surveillance is composed of a system of cameras, monitors/display units, and recorders, which can capture images and videos to protect the data center. It benefits the data center security in three aspects.

  • Prevent data loss or breaches. According to Mark Soto, 30% of data breaches are due to internal users. With the help of video surveillance, you can easily record who enters which area and what they do once inside. Besides, the existence of video surveillance can have a powerful deterrent effect on attackers. The attackers may give up attacking because they need to find a way to bypass the video surveillance.

  • Avoid malicious operations and misoperations. Since cameras must be installed on each row of servers and at the entrances and exits of the computer room or the track of it, security personnel can easily determine who is responsible if one of the servers gets unauthorized access or damage.

  • Monitor ongoing issues and events. It is not restricted by time and space and can provide the customers with updated information no matter where and when they need it, including the monitoring of incidents occurring at home, business events, or potential problems in the property, etc. What's more, the customers can even access a real-time stream of what is happening on their smartphones.


How to Choose Suitable Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance for data center security can differ from each other in terms of installation location, storage space, integration capacity, etc. As a result, four things should be taken into consideration when choosing suitable video surveillance.

In-doors vs. out-doors

Most surveillance cameras are now suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. But product features such as waterproofing and shock resistance require special consideration for outdoor cameras.

Apart from the product performance, the deployment of the outdoor camera is more complex, too. For instance, the outdoor camera can be installed in a higher place for a larger monitoring range. Besides, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the entry and exit routes of personnel and vehicles to form a two-layer multi-line defense area.

Large storage space

Video surveillance relied on videotapes and closed-circuit televisions in the past, which leads to limited storage space, as well as a slow response of businesses.

With the advent of offsite video storage, enterprises can enjoy longer storage periods, larger storage space, and even parse business intelligence from videos, which increases enterprises' needs for data storage.

Infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras, also called thermal video cameras, can capture high-resolution thermal imagery of the events while remaining relatively unnoticed. These cameras are difficult to circumvent and very good at detection.

One of the major merits of infrared security cameras is the night vision function, which means they can maintain 24-hour security surveillance on the data center. And whether it is deployed at the entrance or exit of the data center or inside the data center, these cameras still work well. Furthermore, infrared security cameras can detect overheating units in the data center, including server racks, power sources, cable supplies, etc, thus improving process control.infrared security camera

Easy integration capabilities

To protect the data center well, it is common to integrate video surveillance with other security systems. Many large institutions, such as hospitals, banks, or large enterprises, may choose to integrate multiple systems onto a single interface.

For example, an enterprise may integrate its video surveillance with a surveillance system that tracks personnel information on unauthorized access to the website, thus avoiding data loss.

Apart from the above four pieces of advice, customers can choose suitable video surveillance from the aspects of the scalability of the device, voice monitoring, and so on according to their needs.



To sum up, video surveillance provides the data center with video storage and equipment monitoring and maintenance, which guarantee the data center's security very well. However, choosing suitable video surveillance for data centers also needs careful consideration. The best solution for that is to buy on demand.

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