Extend DWDM Network Transmission Distance With Multi-Service Transport Platform

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With the features of high density, high speed and high capacity, DWDM technology has been popular in recent years. And it will still be primary technology in optical communications, especially in long haul transmission. How to realize quality DWDM networking at a low cost is an issue that attracts lots of attention. On the basis of customer needs, FS.com released multi-service transport platform, aiming to optimize DWDM network performance.

FMT network series

What Is FS.com Multi-Service Transport Platform?

In order to perfect the services of DWDM networks, FS.com have released FMU WDM Mux/Demux for DWDM long haul transmission, which featured a high density design and low insertion loss. Now to further optimize DWDM network performance for our customers, FS.com launches multi-service transport platform products to provide centralized deployment, management and monitoring platform for DWDM networks.

Multi-service transport platform is designed to support high-capacity optical links with lower cost, especially for DWDM long haul transmissions. In the multi-service transport platform, most products like EDFA, OEO, DCM (Dispersion Compensation Module) and OLP (Optical Line Protection) are made into small plug-in cards, offering easy installation and management during network deployment. Except for the plug-in type products, FS.com also launches several special designed 1U/2U/4U racks for DWDM networking. In one rack unit, all the multi-service transport platform plug-in cards share the same power source and support hot plug & play operation. Here is a video mainly introducing FS.com multi-service transport platform.

Here are the main products of FS.com multi-service transport platform.

FS.com Multi-Service Transport Platform Products
Pluggable Line CardChassis & Accessories
EDFAEDFAManaged Chassis(1U/2U/4U)chassis
DCMDCMPower Supplepower supply
OLPOLPCooling FanCooling fan
OEOOEONetwork Management CardNMC

What Changes Does FS.com Multi-Service Transport Platform Bring for DWDM Network?

Higher Networking Performance

Compared with the old type DWDM network components, the quality and working performance of multi-service transport platform products have been improved a lot. Let’s take EDFA as an example. The EDFA of multi-service transport platform has two types: plug-in card and mid-stage type. As we have mentioned above, plug-in card type EDFA offers easy installation and better management for network operators. While the mid-stage EDFA has more functions. It supports dispersion compensation modules insertion, which solve the low non-linear effect threshold of DCM.

dwdm edfa

In addition, other multi-service transport platform products like OEO, DCM and OLP also have higher performance than that of old ones. The OEO of multi-service transport platform can convert optical signals into DWDM wavelengths, reducing the fault risk caused by high power consumption of DWDM fiber optic transceiver; the DCM of multi-service transport platform is available for customized distances starting from 20 km up to 100 km; OLP products offer real-time monitoring and fast switching, which make them widely used for protecting backbone and important business lines.

Better Management & Lower Power Consumption

In order to offer a better network management services, FS.com provides a kind of multi-reach transport 1U/2U/4U chassis for maximum reliability and availability. These chassis’ combine state-of-art electronics and superior optical performance which make it possible to build or upgrade networks to meet the demands of today as well as future multi-services access requirements. Moreover, FS.com multi-service transport platform is an all-in-one multi-service transport system. The products are made into small plug-in cards. And each of them only occupies one slot in the special designed chassis when installed, which can save more space in congested racks. All these multi-service transport platform plug-in cards in a rack unit share the same power source and support hot plug & play operation. And they can be inserted or removed flexibly in the racks for DWDM networking.

edfa & dcm & olp

Centralized Network Management

FS.com multi-service transport platform is aimed to support low-cost 100G DWDM solutions for high-capacity optical links and conducive to save cabinet space. Therefore, FS.com also offers a NMC (Network Management Controller) card which allows network administrators to configure and monitor the status of the line cards. This NMC card can be placed in a compatible multi-service transport platform chassis to provide device management functions. And after installing our free software on a computer connected with the NMU card on the centralized rack unit, users can know clearly the working status of the installed card in the rack through the computer LED screen.

Network Management Card


FS.com multi-service transport platform offers a flexible and high density networking solution for long haul DWDM networks. All the multi-service transport platform products are made in high quality to ensure good transmission performance and aim to provide ideal solutions which fit all of your applications perfectly at lower cost. If you are interested in, welcome to contact us via sales@fs.com.

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