How Does IVR System Benefit Your Business Communications?

Updated on Jan 14, 2022

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For a prospering business, there will be a high call volume which is also a great opportunity to grasp customer leads and convert them into sales. That is when the business owner needs an IVR system implemented in his business phone system to successfully manage the customer calls and boost customer satisfaction. In this guide, we will dig into what IVR system is and how it benefits your business communications.

What Is IVR System?

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automated voice response technology that makes it accessible to interact with callers and gather information by giving them choices via a menu. VoIP phones supported by IVR systems allow customers to interact with a computer before being connected to a representative, as well as automatically gather information about the customer inquiry with the callers simply responding by repeating one of the given options before transferring it to the right department.

IVR technology can transfer the calls to the chosen department by selecting several options, which helps to save lots of time and improve customers' experience at the same time. The content of the IVR system can be generated digitally or prerecorded manually. It is designed to identify inquiries and avoid over waiting. A well-devised IVR calling system is vitally helpful for any businesses since it can greatly affect customer service performance and reduce costs.

IVR System

Six Influential Benefits of IVR System

Improve Agent Performance

One of the most essential benefits of IVR systems is that IVR technology can simplify agents' tasks by dealing with minor issues and decrease the number of calls agents are handling, saving their time for better handling complicated issues, leading to more efficient and productive call center services.

Lead to Better Customer Experience

An IVR system can avoid calls waiting for too long to get a live agent. When designed properly, every step in the IVR system can make a difference. The IVR is not only able to provide callers with the information they’re looking for, but also can determine their needs so that they can be transferred to the right agent the first time so that their issues can be properly addressed, which will be a fluent and efficient experience for callers.

Include a Callback Option

It's commonly known that customers dislike waiting on hold. A survey shows that over 60 percent of consumers feel that even one minute of hold time is too much and nearly two thirds of customers prefer to receive a callback.

When facing a high volume of incoming calls, business phone systems with IVR calling can offer a callback to avoid worsening the customer service experience. It works by sending some related information to the agent so that the agent can call back at a less busy time, including the callers’ phone number and possibly preferred date and hour.

Save Money & Time

An IVR system can save the time of both your employees and customers by allowing the callers to self-serve with an automated menu and pre-recorded messages. With professional auto-services, there will be no need for hiring a largescale of agents to handle numerous basic inquiries, saving lots of hiring costs. It also helps to retain more customers, drive up conversions and boost more sales.

Provide 24/7 Customer Service

An IVR system enables customer services at any moment even when agents are not available. It makes basic information accessible outside of regular business hours. Even if you don’t have agents arranged outside normal business hours, callers can still interact with the IVR systems and self-serve through the automated menu, which helps to increase business credibility.

Build Better Business Image

Voice callings can be an influential touch point between customers and your brands. A well-built business phone system could strengthen the relationship, while poor calling experience could weaken the brand loyalty. An IVR system can help to build a professional business image with all the above benefits it provides. It helps to build business images that are capable and highly efficient at handling a high volume of customer needs.

How to Set Up IVR Systems Successfully for Your Business Phone System?

In order to efficiently forward the callers to the right agent, you need to pay attention to three factors when setting up your own IVR business phone systems.

1. Create a methodical IVR menu

It is suggested to start with general categories that will develop into more detailed ones as the caller navigates the menu so that to provide a clear and fluent customer experience.

2. Don't forget to include human interaction

There are still possibilities that some customers don't want to be served by this IVR technology and that's why interacting with a live agent is needed and you don't want to make this option the last one on the menu.

3. Always include a callback option

Just as the survey results mentioned above, a callback option is very important in retaining the customers. An IVR system with callback function will enable your agents to reach the previous callers and continue to handling their inquiries, leaving the customer a great brand impression.

The IVR systems of FS PBXs can be flexibly configured according to the actual use scenarios so that you can route the callers to their desired departments or voicemails. Moreover, it supports up to 500 SIP users and 60 concurrent calls with multi-level IVR as well as voicemail / voice recording, to empower your business VoIP communications.



IVR system can be a great influence on the efficacy of your business communication and even on your sales. If you want to make your business phone systems more functional, you should definitely take IVR into consideration when setting up your phone systems.

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