How to Choose the Video Conferencing Tool for Your Video Conferencing?

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Combining software & hardware, optimize your ultimate video conferencing experience.

The urgent demand for more productive meetings for workforce (at office or remote) has led to a rapid growth in the number of online meeting tools. Hybrid work is here to stay — a capable video conferencing system is still a must-have for many businesses. Some may get overwhelmed by the multiple video conferencing solutions in the market. Indeed, a set of effective video conferencing tools will make your conferencing on a roll.

Best Video Conferencing Platforms: Designed for Smooth Meeting

Emails may be quick and easy but nothing beats the power of face-to-face communication. With more employees working remotely, having business trips, or enjoying flexible schedules, the need for meetings can be realized by adopting video conferencing software. Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting are frequently seen in most enterprise video meeting scenarios. Zoom vs Microsoft Teams might be the two most commonly-used online meeting platforms for the enterprises' video conferencing. If anyone on your team ever works from home, or your team has video conferences now and then, the following web conferencing tool is a necessity.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

With crystal clear video & audio performance and instant sharing capabilities, Zoom is definitely a heavy hitter in the video conferencing field. As the ideal web meeting software for many video conferencing scenarios, Zoom provides the options for the users who want to simply and effectively connect with customers and clients remotely. You can invite anyone to a Zoom meeting just with a URL, even if your attendees do not have a Zoom account. The free version of Zoom has limited capabilities. And the premium plan may have more advanced functions like user management, interoperability, custom meeting IDs for individual participants, phone support, and managed domains.

Microsoft Teams is a catch-all chat tool for the workplace, but its video conferencing option is compelling as well, which is designed for seamless efficiency and collaboration. Users can launch video conferences directly from their chats. Besides, it integrates with office applications like Word and SharePoint, and its design and infrastructure make it exceptionally interactive. One of the newest features included in Microsoft Teams allows users to invite guests that are not part of their enterprise's Azure Active Directory. Furthermore, Microsoft announced that it would phase out Skype for Business in favor of Microsoft Teams.

Actually, in the modern digital workplace, multiplatform is becoming increasingly the current norm. Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: who's the winner? The final choice depends on your enterprises' requirements. In many cases, Microsoft Teams and Zoom combine to work well together, rather than forcing an either-or situation. Indeed, Microsoft Teams video conference is fit for internal collaboration, whereas Zoom is often preferred for communicating externally — clients or vendors.

Online Video Conferencing Tool Comparison

Zoom Microsoft Teams Google Meet GoToMeeting BlueJeans Webex

  • Intuitive interface

  • Easy to use

  • Completely free

  • 300 participants

  • Integrates with Microsoft 365

  • Google Calendar compatibility

  • Easy integration with Google apps

  • High-quality audio and video

  • Very reliable and secure

  • Amazing sound quality

  • Lots of features

  • Many software integrations

  • Feature-rich software

  • High-quality audio and video

  • Easy setup

Cons Poor audio quality
  • No gallery view for guests

  • Steep learning curve

Spotty connectivity Weak free plan Connectivity issues without update Occasional bandwidth issues
Target Users Beginners Microsoft users Google users Overall conference calling Users that need customer support Larger businesses
Free Plan

Best Video Conferencing Equipment: Prepared for Better Communication

If you need to hold video conferencing for work with your clients or prospects clients frequently, you'll require decent audio and video experiences, which is not a family video call after all. Besides, for those who are still communicating with the team members remotely, finding the best video conferencing equipment is rather important to keep your team connected, with a clear video and audio experience as if they were all in the room.

Pro-grade Video Conference Cameras

Please do not leave your video quality up to the built-in laptop webcams especially for an important business video conference. The conference cameras you invest in should be at least with 1080p HD or 4K resolution. If pursuing exceptional audio quality, cameras with a smart built-in microphone array are worth trying. Functions like smart light correction, wide angles are also of great importance.

For some small meeting rooms, plug-and-play connectivity will make the camera a breeze to deploy and use and save much of your time. While for some large meeting rooms, it'd be better if the conference camera can be controlled and adjusted through multiple control methods such as remote control, keyboard, etc.

Life-like Clarity Microphones

It's critical that the person you're talking with can hear you clearly in the online meeting. Typically, you'll need different microphones in various spaces. For example, conference room mics with a 360° Pickup Range can make anyone's voice be heard no matter where they're sitting in the room.

Some headsets come with great mics that automatically suppress background noise in the condition that you can't take your meetings somewhere relatively quiet. Or just go with a high-level conference camera equipped with a unique noise suppression algorithm to realize 360° Voice Pickup and avoids receiving the noise around you.

Nice-to-Have Remote Controls

For better control of conference room systems, you'll probably require a remote control that can let you toggle things like who's screen sharing, skip to the next slide of a presentation, adjust the speakers, etc.

FS Video Conferencing Solution: Fit Most of Your Meeting Needs & Optimize Your User Experiences

FS video conference room solution provides a set of high-quality conference cameras with superior hardware and can support most mainstream software, compatible with Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans we've discussed above and support with Windows, Mac OS, and others to meet your needs for any kind of collaboration. For big events or in some large meeting rooms, pick the camera types that can be controlled and adjusted through multiple control methods such as remote control, keyboard, etc. for an efficient meeting.

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