Introduction of Bulk Ethernet Cable

Updated on Sep 29, 2021

When it comes to setting up the internet in your office or another large space with a large number of computers, bulk Ethernet cable will be a nice option. Maybe you will ask what is a bulk Ethernet cable? What types of bulk cable are there? This article will give a brief introduction of bulk Ethernet cable to you.

What Is a Bulk Ethernet Cable?

An Ethernet cable is a cable used to connect wired networks, bulk Ethernet cable (up to 1000 feet runs are available) is used to set up a network, so as to connect multiple computers (possibly in different rooms) and other devices to the server usually in offices and other businesses. Put it another way, bulk Ethernet cable means that it is considered a large quantity of cable as opposed to only a few feet. For example, a 1000 foot roll of wire is considered bulk. Let's get to know about it. A bulk Ethernet cable usually consists of a conductor, insulation and cable jacket, and there are 4 twisted pairs of copper for the conductor. Compared with ordinary network cables, bulk Ethernet cable have no connectors except for the differences in cable length and outer package.


Types of Bulk Ethernet Cable

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a bulk Ethernet Cable

There are different types of bulk Ethernet cables on the market, such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8 bulk Ethernet cable. The latter is an updated version of the former. Take Cat6 cable for example, Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Cable is capable of transmitting at a higher frequency than Cat5e, which means more reliable speeds and reduced crosstalk susceptibility.

You can click here for more information: Quick View: Cat5 vs Cat5e vs Cat6 Ethernet Cables

Outdoor vs. Indoor Bulk Ethernet Cable

The indoor bulk Ethernet cables are typically used for shorter distances and in office buildings or factories, outdoor bulk Ethernet cables are designed for outdoor use. The main difference between indoor and outdoor bulk Ethernet cables is the outer jacket. The jacket on outdoor graded cables is specifically designed to handle the weather and temperature changes.

You can also find Outdoor Direct Burial Bulk Ethernet Cables on FS. Our shielded Cat6 outdoor waterproof direct burial Ethernet network cable allows you to extend your internet connection even in the harshest environments. Its weatherproof double outer jacket will enable you to bury your lines underground while protecting your wires from various elements. This supports high bandwidth up to 550 MHz and speeds up to 1000mbps giving you flawless uninterrupted connection for your home or workplace.

outdoor bulk Ethernet cable

Multi-Scene Application of Bulk Ethernet Cable

Bulk Ethernet cable can be used in almost any field, in many applications, for various purposes. FS bulk Ethernet cables feature innovative craftsmanship, reliable quality, user-friendly design, easier installation with RJ45 connectors and toolless keystone jack, providing maximum flexibility to meet unique system requirements. They are ideal for multiple network application, such as office cabling, hotel decoration, data center and more.

The following is a video called Wire Smart Home With FS Cat6 bulk cable.

Colors of Jacket for Bulk Ethernet Cable and Their Purpose

Often network cable vendors assign different colors to help identify the connection type and purpose, or to distinguish their cables and connections from other vendors. The colors of Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8 bulk Ethernet cable represent a specific application or system. The outer jacket’s color of the bulk cable has nothing to do with the cable function itself but highlights the purpose of connection.

There is no industry standard for bulk Ethernet cable colors, but you can refer to the coloring coding that some businesses may use.

Bulk Ethernet Cable
Network Connectivity
Phones/Emergency Systems

FAQ about Bulk Ethernet Cable

Does Having Multiple Ethernet Cables Reduce WIFI Speed?

Since the Ethernet is on a separate channel, it won't slow down the WiFi speed at all. In fact, it might actually improve the WiFi speed because you're taking one device off the network thus improving the shared bandwidth for everyone.

Is a Shorter Ethernet Cable Faster?

Longer Ethernet cables can be slower as latency increases the further the signal has to travel. However, Ethernet signals travel at around two thirds the speed of light, so you likely won't notice any difference when comparing shorter lengths of cable.

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