FS MTP®/MPO Fiber Cassette Solutions for 10G/40G/100G Connectivity

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Fiber optic cabling is gaining popularity in data centers, central offices, and headends because it offers faster data transmission, lower delays, and reduced power usage compared to copper cabling. However, using fiber optic cabling also presents some challenges. These challenges include managing a large number of fibers, ensuring the correct alignment, and reducing installation time and cost. One way to address these challenges is to use MTP®/MPO fiber cassettes. Keep reading to learn more about MTP®/MPO fiber cassettes in 10G/40G/100G connectivity.

What Is Modular MTP®/MPO Cassette?

MTP®/MPO fiber cassettes are pre-terminated, pre-tested modules transitioning from multi-fiber cables and array connectors to traditional single-fiber connectors. They offer a "plug-and-play" installation, resulting in shorter project times and faster deployment of infrastructure in data center cabling. Additionally, they provide high flexibility for Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) operations. FS provides three types of MTP®/MPO cassettes: MTP®/MPO-LC/SC/MDC cassettes, MTP®/MPO conversion cassettes, and MTP®/MPO mesh cassettes.

MTP®/MPO-LC/SC/MDC Cassettes

MTP®/MPO-LC/SC/MDC cassettes have a rear MTP®/MPO connector that is compatible with an MTP®/MPO fiber cable and a front panel with LC/SC/MDC fiber adapters. FS MTP®/MPO cassette modules provide 8/12/24-fiber options and can be seamlessly connected with high-density fiber cable assemblies, enabling quick and convenient connections in data centers.

MTP®/MPO Conversion Cassettes

These conversion cassettes have MTP®/MPO connectors at both the rear and the front. They are designed to facilitate the conversion between types of MTP®/MPO fiber cables, including 8-fiber, 12-fiber, and 24-fiber. For instance, an MTP®/MPO-24 cassette can convert three 8-fiber MTP®/MPO fiber cables into one 24-fiber MTP®/MPO fiber cable. With the ability to accommodate up to 96 fiber connections within a single rack unit (1 RU) of the FHD® series, 24-fiber cassette offers a compact solution for large-scale connections.

MTP®/MPO Mesh Cassettes

MTP®/MPO mesh cassettes are well-suited for various deployments, including 40G to 10G, 100G to 25G, and 400G to 100G. Mesh cassettes are essential components for creating high-performance fully meshed network infrastructures, simplifying complex network architectures, particularly in modern spine-leaf designs. Take a look at the different types of FHD® series high-density MTP®/MPO modules and their applications.

Benefits of FS MTP®/MPO Fiber Cassettes

Flexibility: The replacement or upgrade of fiber cassettes is a straightforward process, enabling easy adaptation to evolving network demands. This flexibility in network design ensures the network is future-proofed, ready to accommodate potential upgrades or modifications as needed.

Reliability: FS MTP®/MPO cassette modules are 100% tested, ensuring high performance and quality. MTP®/MPO modules also reduce the risk of human error, dust contamination, or fiber damage during installation, as they eliminate the need for field termination or splicing.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: FS fiber cassettes facilitate effortless installation, removal, or maintenance of adapters. This streamlined design simplifies network modifications, additions, and changes (MACs), resulting in reduced downtime and minimized disruptions.

FS MTP®/MPO Fiber Cassettes Solution

FS fiber cassette solutions leverage flexible and scalable pre-terminated cables and fiber cassettes to enable seamless interconnections within data center environments. These solutions cater to the interconnection between MDA and HDA, as well as between HDA and EDA.

Using MTP®/MPO modules provides adaptability for the changing data center environment. Facing technology refresh frequencies of 12-18 months, Plug & Play MTP®/MPO cassette modules offer a great advantage. When connector requirements change in the future, simply swap the cassettes whilst leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact. Let's explore three examples of utilizing MTP®/MPO cassette modules in trunk and migration cabling.

10G Trunk Cabling Solution

In 10G network connectivity, MTP®/MPO cassettes are utilized for interconnecting two 10G devices, particularly when there is a significant distance between them. To achieve 10G-to-10G interconnection, a combination of Type A and AF MTP® fiber cassettes is employed. The Type A MTP®/MPO to LC cassette is installed in an FHD® rack mount fiber enclosure, while the Type AF MTP®/MPO to LC fiber cassette is deployed in an FHD® wall mount fiber optic enclosure. This 10G network connectivity solution is highly suitable for applications such as security monitoring wiring and campus networks.

10G Trunk Cabling Solution

40G to 4x 10G Cabling Solution

It is also worth noting that fiber optic cassette modules can not only apply to direct network connectivity but also to network migration and upgrades. Generally, they are used in 10G to 40G or 40G to 100G network applications. With the help of fiber cassettes, network upgrades can be easily implemented without adding extra devices to the current network infrastructure, thus saving a lot of energy, time, and labor costs. As shown in the figure below, the fiber cassette front end is connected to MTP®-12 fiber, while the back end is connected to MTP®-8 fiber, enabling a seamless link upgrade from 10G to 40G.

40G to 4x 10G Cabling Solution

10G to 100G Migration Solution

Fiber cassettes, apart from being utilized for 10G and 40G network connectivity, are commonly employed in high-rate network interconnections due to their quick deployment and easy management. For example, in the network setup below, MTP®/MPO-LC cassettes are employed to connect a 100G CFP transceiver and ten 10G SFP+ transceivers. The 24 fibers are divided into three MTP®/MPO-8 connectors, enabling transmission over ten duplex LC cables. This configuration achieves 10G to 100G connectivity across the entire link.

10G to 100G Migration Solution


FS offers a versatile range of MTP®/MPO cassettes, available in 8/12/24/36 fiber counts. These cassettes are equipped with US Conec MTP® fiber adapters and utilize high-quality Corning fiber, guaranteeing adherence to MPO standards and delivering exceptional performance. Designed with modularity in mind, ensuring compatibility with FS FHD® series products. FS MTP®/MPO modules provide reliable connectivity solutions for efficient and future-proofed network deployments. Contact us now to explore the full range of FS fiber cassette options and enhance your network infrastructure.

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