Unlocking Next-Gen Connectivity with the 800G OSFP Transceiver

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What Is 800G OSFP Optical Transceiver?

OSFP is a new form factor with 8 high-speed electrical lanes. Currently, OSFP modules support speeds of 200G, 400G, and 800G. It is an advanced high-speed transceiver module that utilizes fiber optic technology to transmit and receive data at astonishing speeds. Particularly, the 800G OSFP version offers eight times the bandwidth capacity of traditional 100G modules. Its compact design allows for denser port configurations on network equipment, ensuring more efficient use of space.

FS 800G OSFP Transceivers

Why Choose 800G OSFP Optical Transceivers?

The 800G OSFP transceiver epitomizes advanced optical technology, delivering unparalleled network performance through high-speed data transmission. Here are the advantages of the 800G OSFP optical transceivers:

  • High-Speed Data Transmission: The OSFP transceiver delivers rapid data transmission at 800G, addressing network latency and supporting latency-sensitive applications effectively.

  • High-Density Design: The 800G OSFP features a compact size, enabling high-density port configurations on networking equipment, thereby enhancing spatial efficiency and facilitating increased capacity connections in data centers.

  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted for durability, the 800G OSFP Transceiver boasts a robust construction capable of enduring continuous high-speed data transmission, guaranteeing longevity and resilience in demanding network environments.

Application Scenarios of 800G OSFP Optical Transceivers

  • 1. Data Centers: With the ability to facilitate dense port configurations and efficient high-volume data processing, 800G OSFP transceivers are proving indispensable in data center environments.

  • 2. Telecommunications: Telecom companies can capitalize on the exceptional speed and bandwidth capabilities offered by the 800G OSFP Transceiver to optimize network performance and meet the requirements for high-speed connectivity.

  • 3. Cloud Service Providers: The 800G OSFP Transceiver supports the seamless operation of cloud services, enabling cloud service providers to deliver high-speed, reliable services to their clients.

  • 4. Machine Learning: Given their powerful bandwidth and speed capabilities, 800G OSFP transceivers are indispensable for enterprises looking to harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

  • 5. Internet Service Providers (ISPs): ISPs can harness the power of the 800G OSFP Transceiver to enhance their network infrastructure, elevate customer service standards, and adeptly manage surging data traffic demands.

  • 6. Digital Broadcasting: In digital broadcasting, seamless delivery of high-quality services hinges on the 800G OSFP Transceiver's adeptness at facilitating swift and uninterrupted high-speed data transmission.

FS 800G OSFP Transceivers

 Product  Max Cable Distance  Connector  Wavelength  Optical Modulation
 Ethernet  OSFP-2FR4-800G  2km  Dual LC Duplex  1310nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP-DR8-800G  500m  Dual MTP/MPO-12  1310nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP800-PLR8-B1  10km  MTP/MPO-16  1310nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP800-PLR8-B2  10km  Dual MTP/MPO-12  1310nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP800-2LR4-A2  10km  Dual LC Duplex  1310nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP-SR8-800G  50m  Dual MTP/MPO-12  850nm  100G PAM4
 InfiniBand  OSFP-SR8-800G  50m  Dual MTP/MPO-12  850nm  100G PAM4
 OSFP-DR8-800G  500m  Dual MTP/MPO-12  1310nm 100G PAM4
OSFP-2FR4-800G 2km Dual LC Duplex 1310nm 100G PAM4


In conclusion, the 800G OSFP module stands as a groundbreaking advancement in high-speed networking technology. With its remarkable bandwidth capacity, compact design, and versatile applications, it is poised to revolutionize data transmission in various industries. Embrace the future of connectivity with the 800G OSFP module and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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