Use the 40/100G Breakout Panel for 10G to 40/100G Migration

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The surge in shipments of 40/100G optics implies that the 40/100G market is booming. However, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) system is still the dominant deployment in many data centers. As 40/100 GbE become a new option for data center, how to connect 40/100G equipment with the existing 10G equipment in a cost-effective path becomes a major concern of data center managers. MPO pre-terminated optical fiber is an ideal choice that can facilitate the migration path from 10 GbE to 40/100 GbE. Today, we are going to introduce a new type of MPO pre-terminated products called breakout panel which can help you save more space & cost, connect faster and get a simple & efficient management.

40G Breakout Panels

40G breakout panel, also called 40G QSFP+ breakout panel, is designed with 12 standard MTP connectors (8-fiber) elite to 48 duplex LC connectors in a 1RU patch panel. It is available in single-mode and multimode versions with the color-coded adapters. It is can meet the high-density cabling demands with up to 96 ports, supporting up to 480G. For 10G to 40G migration, this 40G to 10G breakout panel includes 12-group breakout links that can ensure a high-performance and reliable straight connection from 10 GbE to 40 GbE.

100G Breakout Panels

When running 100 GbE, it is usually recommended to use a 24-fiber MPO style connector with the 20 fibers in the middle of the connector transmitting and receiving at 10 Gbps (2 top and bottom fibers on the left and right unused). According to this principle, a 100G link can be breakout to 10 x 10 G with the 24-MTP to 10 duplex LC breakout solution. This enables migration from 10 GbE to 100 GbE. However, a variety of breakout legs will increase congestion, clutter, tangling and confusion which reduce efficiency and make cable management much more difficult. With the 100GBASE-SR10 fiber breakout panel that is designed with 8 24-MTP (20 fibers used) elite to 80 duplex LC in 1U fiber patch panel, you can achieve 8 groups of 10G to 100G paths in a simple, efficient and well-maintained manner.

Why Choose Breakout Panels?

The breakout panel that integrates the benefits of MPO pre-terminated breakout cabling and compact patch panels can address the problems of cable congestion and space waste. In addition, it integrates diverse cabling standards which make 10G to 40/100G migrations available. Thus, it is perfect for 40/100G migrations in the high-density data center. The following picture shows a group of 10G to 40G breakout link in a 40G fiber breakout panel.

We can easily understand that the 40G to 10G breakout panels are very suitable to use between devices using QSFP+ ports and SFP+ ports because of the direct connection from 40GBASE-SR4 to 10GBASE-SR. Actually, if you do not need to make a direct connection, but require higher density ports, another type of 40/100G patch panels that are available in FS.com may be your ideal option. Take 40G for example, this type of patch panel named 144 Ports 10G OM4 12-fibers MPO/MTP Ultra High-Density 1U Rack is loaded with 72 multimode 10G LC duplex connectors, giving it 144 ports total within 1U of rack space. Inside the MTP cassette, the fiber is spliced out up to 12 MTP connector (12-fiber). It can support up to 720 Gbps output. Compared with the 40G breakout patch panel, this kind of patch panel uses cross connection design with 12-fiber MTP to 72 duplex LC that is better for high-density 10G to 40G MTP/MPO backbone cabling. The package design of this 144 ports patch panel is angled front panel so that it can hold more ports that can greatly satisfy the demands on high density, saving the space and being conducive to the congested cable management.

FS.com Breakout Panel Options

FS.com recently launched the 40G and 100G breakout patch panels. As the above description, these breakout patch panels are ideal for use in 10G to 40/100G migrations. All of our breakout panels are 100% tested to Telcordia standards and 100% guaranteed the high performance. See the product information below:

FS P/N Total Fiber Count Fiber Optic Type Front Port Rear Port Price
FHU-96FLC12MSMF 96 Single-mode 48 LC Duplex 12 MTP  US$ 870
FHU-96FLC12MOM4 96 Multimode OM4 48 LC Duplex 12 MTP  US$ 789

For more details about the fiber breakout panels and 10G to 40/100G solutions, please contact us via sales@fs.com.

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