VoIP Phone System for Business: An Efficient and Cost-effective Choice

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VoIP phone system is a phone call system that uses VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allows people to make phone calls over an IP network connection. VoIP phones work by converting analog telephone signals into digital format to be transmitted over the Internet and converting the incoming digital signals received from the Internet into standard analog telephony audio. With the advancement of bandwidth, VoIP phone systems have developed to be more stable and reliable and are becoming go-to solutions for many businesses, especially small to medium enterprises. In this post, we will dig into what makes VoIP phone system a better choice for SMEs and how to deploy VoIP phone systems for businesses.

Why Are Businesses Turning from Landline Phones to VoIP Phone Systems?

Technology advancements are always meant to make things easier and more efficient, so does VoIP technology. As a more advanced phone communication technology, it suppresses landline phone systems in many ways, such as cost effectiveness, flexibility, and easy installation, etc, which is the reason why more and more modern businesses are turning to VoIP phone systems instead of landline analog phones. Check the following chart for more details about the comparison between VoIP phone system vs. Landline phone system.

VoIP Phone System Landline Phone System

Include auto attendant; Convenient extensions;

Multi-functionality (CRM, text messaging, surveys);

No charge for call touting, voicemail, long-distance calling;

Consistent sound quality;


No dependence on the Internet;


Internet dependence;

Lack of emergency calling;

Higher cost (for voicemail, long-distance calling, monthly cost);

Lack of flexibility; Spam calls; Requirement for additional equipment;

VoIP phone system is no doubt a better choice for most businesses compared with landline phone system, especially small businesses. On one hand, it costs significantly less than landline one and includes additional features beyond voice calling. On the other hand, it will be much more convenient to scale up with VoIP phones.

What Are Exactly the Benefits of VoIP Phone System for Businesses?

More and more businesses are choosing VoIP phone service over traditional landline phones because they can get lots of benefits from it. Below are a few of the many ways of how it benefits businesses.

Easy to Install

There is little technical know-how required for the installation of VoIP phones. It eliminates the need to install any physical phone lines as well as the cluttering and fire hazards associated with extra electrical wires. All you need to do is connect the VoIP phones into your network via Ethernet lines or sometimes bluetooth. It would be much easier and beneficial for small businesses and start-ups who are lacking technical expertise or resources.

More Flexibility and Mobility

VoIP phone systems support businesses to expand their phone call communication systems to remote offices or on-the-go workers over SIP-enabled devices, making it possible for remote workers to hold phone call conversions as long as the Internet connection is available. Except for that, it provides much flexibility when there is a need to scale up.

Less Costs

VoIP is always a budget-friendly solution for business communications. Compared to analog phones, it reduces the investment on purchasing traditional phone lines and professional installation support and cuts down the expenses on long-distance and international business calls.

Improved Interactions With Customers

Supported by IVR systems, VoIP phones enable customers to get a welcome message with easy-to-follow directions and avoid any chances of being put on hold. Additionally, it makes it possible to have a single call forwarded to more than one device. VoIP helps to ensure that important calls are routed to the proper department and the requirements can be well addressed, which can significantly optimize the customer experience.

Increased Productivity

VoIP phone systems can help to increase productivity in several ways. For example, with the fees saved by selecting VoIP instead of analog phones, the funds can be re-allocated to other aspects of businesses. Also, the overall productivity can be increased since the VoIP phone system helps the employees to multi-task without interruption.

How to Set Up a VoIP Phone System for Businesses?

Since VoIP phone systems are of so many benefits, how should businesses deploy their own VoIP phone systems? Read the quick start guide below for the most essential steps that you don't want to ignore.

  • Get Reliable Internet Connection- a stable network will lead to better VoIP performance. You will need a speedy and reliable Internet to support consistent voice quality.

  • Select Hardware & Features- the hardware together with dedicated features are crucial. You want to get an idea of your need-to-have and nice-to-have features and hardware before purchasing.

  • Find a VoIP Phone Service Provider- Once you've narrow down the provider list, review your business’s identified needs and must-have feature lists to make sure the one you choose is a good fit.

  • Install & Configure Your New VoIP System- After installation, you need to configure the features of your system to complete the VoIP setup.

Get Started with FS VoIP Phone System Solutions

The right provider can make everything easy. FS provides all-in-one VoIP phone system solutions, including high-quality IP phones to bring seamless HD audio calls, IP PBX with multi-level IVR, and telephony cards, to enable simplified VoIP phone system for businesses and unlock ultimate VoIP experience.

FS VoIP phone solutions

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