Webcam FAQ: All U Need Know About Web Cameras

Updated on Aug 28, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions for Webcams

Q1: Is A 1080p Webcam Good Enough?

A1: A webcam with a high resolution is needed in most cases nowadays. Looking for a video capture resolution of at least 720p or higher. A 1080p webcam is better than 720p and becoming an affordable choice for many users. Currently, the highest-quality webcam in the market can record in Ultra HD 4K resolution, which offers you the optimal video experience.

Q2: Is 30fps Good for Webcam?

A2: Higher frame rates deliver smoother video recording and streaming. 15 frames per second (fps) is out-of-fate, while 30fps being the minimum for most cameras. High-end webcams may capture 60fps, or up to 120fps at 1080p. Use a webcam with at least 30fps frame rate in case transmitting choppy videos.

Q3: Do Laptops or Desktops Have Built-in Cameras?

A3: Most modern laptops and all-in-one computers now come with integrated webcams built into the display. Unlike laptops, desktops don't actually have webcams "built-in". If you had one, it would probably be connected to the PC through a USB port.

Q4: Can a Laptop Camera Be Used as a Webcam?

A4: Yes, both Windows and macOS can recognize the camera as a webcam automatically, which is available for Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, or other commonly-used software for video calls. However, most best-selling laptops in the market only support 720p/30fps compared with external webcams providing better video effects.

Q5: Built-in vs External Webcams, What're the Differences?

A5: Compared with built-in webcams, extenral webcams have better performance in specifictions and more advanced technology in functions: higher resolution, more natural audio peformance and wider field of view with autofocus, AI tracking available to choose. Flexible to use and just designed for specialized scenario like remote work, online eduction, etc. A comparison chart, pros & cons for embeded vs external webcams will be found in the following ref article.

Learn More: Why External Webcam Better Than My Built-in Webcam?

Built-in vs External Webcam

Q6: Do I Really Need to Cover My Webcam?

A6: Laptops won't have a privacy cover for peace of mind, but some webcams do have an integrated privacy cover. As the name implies, closing the privacy cover with the slider tab on top will assure privacy. It'd be safer to cover up your webcam because you never know who would be watching you on the other end. If a snoop gets access to your webcam, they might gather footage to extort, blackmail, or cause mayhem in your life.

Q7: What Makes the Best Webcam?

A7: The following factors contribute to the overall good quality of a qualified webcam:

  • High-Def vs Ultra HD: Full HD 1080p or 4K

  • The frame rate of at least 30fps

  • Proper wide field of view

  • HD stereo audio performance

  • Automatic light correction

  • Autofocus / AI positioning if needed

  • Support the operating system of your device

  • Plug and play, easy to use

View Webcam Selection Tips to choose the best webcam for your laptop or PC.

Q8: Does a Good Webcam Worth the Money?

A8: "Do I need a webcam?" When you come up with this thought, you might've been considering investing in a webcam for a while. During the COVID-19 period, many businesses choose video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings, and schools adopt online classes to respond to the pandemic. Working from home, online learning, and live streaming are frequently seen in our daily lives. If you're one of them, picking up a decent webcam worth a try.

FS Webcam Series

Continue Reading > To See How FS Webcams Make a Difference!

FS Webcams Portfolio

Q1: Do FS Webcams Have Microphones?

A1: Most FS external webcam models have two high-quality stereo microphones built inside. (FC270S is an all-in-one design web camera with four microphones). They are capable of delivering audio quality similar to high definition standards. The acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies make calls natural-sounding while reducing noise and eliminating echo.

Q2: Can FC270S Be Used as Normal Speakers on My PC?

A2: Yes, this hot-sale webcam has 4 built-in microphones and 2 speakers. The speakers can be used alone all the time without the camera, which can be used as normal speakers if needed. Users can switch between built-in and external speakers flexibly.

Q3: What Are the Application Scenarios of FS Webcams?

A3: FS webcams provide small meeting environments with a superb video collaboration experience for your seamless meetings, which is ideal for remoting conferences, home offices, and online learning.

Q4: Can I Use FS Webcam for Zoom Meetings?

A4: Absolutely. Besides Zoom, FS webcams are also compatible with other major software like Microsoft Teams, Skype, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc. And support with Windows, Mac OS, Smart TV, and others.

Q5: How to Set Up FS Web Camera?

A5: FS newly-launched webcams can be connected without driver installation. There is no need for tedious configuration and installation operation, just plug the USB into the computer to identify the USB webcam. You can plug it into a laptop, desktop, or smart TV with a USB cable, and it can immediately start and run on video software. (A Thumb of Rule: Install your webcam using the manufacturer's installation instructions, and then set your webcam settings from the preferences.)

FS Webcam Installation

Q6: What Is the Warranty Coverage of FS Web Cameras?

A6: FS offers a 2-year warranty and free technical support for customers. Contact your account manager for more details.

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