What Are the Top Ten Data Center Colocation Companies in the US?

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Recent years of data center consolidation have resulted in heavily skewing the figures for large and small corporations. Around half of the data centers globally are owned by just the 15 largest colocation providers. The rest of the industry is quite patchy and changes by the minute as new consolidations occur. The increasing investment in the market may affect the rankings sooner or later, but top American IT service providers shoulder some of the greatest shares in the market.

The listicle below features the USA's top ten data center colocation companies. They are heroically meeting the growing demand for high-density computing, cloud adoption, and colocation services.

Top Ten Data Center Colocation Companies in the US


Founded in 1988 and established as the largest colocation provider, Equinix is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Until last year, the company boasted over 7000 employees and ran its services in no less than 24 countries. The firm owns a total of 202 data centers across the globe. With its expansive marketplace, companies can find high-end colocation solutions to the evolving challenges related to IT. The marketplace comprises 9800 buyers and sellers trading in 52 different markets leading to some 333,000 interconnections.

Equinix also offers a virtual network service called "network edge" that deploys programs and updates without any latency. Businesses can also avail the company's consultation services to learn how various digital interventions can help them reach scalability and increased networking.

Digital Realty

Digital Realty is one of the most established firms in the world of collocation providers. It controls more than 280 data centers spread across 26 countries. Founded in 2004, it has a strong footprint across all North American regions. This includes 18 major cities along the east & west coast along with the Midwestern cities. Up until 2020, Digital Realty controlled a US market share of around 15%. They handle mission critical services for the financial, health, telecom and social media industry. The company’s commitment to sustainability and environment protection is evident from their green data centers that are 100% wind powered.

Digital Realty offers colocation features and services such as cabinets, cages, private suites, dark and lit fiber connectivity, 24/7/365 onsite security presence and more. Their Miami, Florida data center is structurally designed to withstand category-5 hurricanes and is located outside the FEMA flood zone. The USA's top data center market in Ashburn, North Virginia houses Digital Realty’s powerful resource facilities. They are compliant with the latest standards of sustainability and data center operations.


Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, in 2017, Cyxtera boasts over eleven hundred employees and owns 60 data centers currently operating in 9 countries. Cyxtera offers client businesses the ability to share colocation facilities on site.

With Cystera's Colocation-on-Demand, companies can use a suite of services for extensions and modifications to data centers that are on-site. The company's marketplace comprises CXD powered providers, including Storage-as-a-Service providers and cloud-on ramps. Businesses can engage with the Cyxtera marketplace to modify and upgrade their existing colocation facilities.

Sungard AS

Sungard AS (Availability Services) is one of the most prominent and efficient DRaaS vendors (Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service). Naturally, its leading service is security and data recovery with its colocation.

The colocation provider runs multiple data and disaster recovery centers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, the company has set up its footprint across 45 different locations.

Along with comprehensive data recovery, Sungard AS offers significant cloud migration support. Businesses can choose one from the many scalability options provided by Sungard AS, whether it's private suites, rack space, or per-unit pricing. While the IT service provider may not be the best fit for companies looking to keep server management under their exclusive control, it is an excellent option for businesses of all sizes looking for support services.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NTT Communications quickly developed into one of the most prominent vendors with 48 data centers operating across 17 countries. Currently, the company has 310,000 employees working globally. As a data center colocation facility, they primarily offer cloud services, including storage, IoT, and data processing facilities. NTT offers businesses voice and video communications, including SIP trunking, Conferencing, International Call Services, and UCaaS. Their network services include VPN, CNS, and Leased Line services. All of these are part of their ISP branch.


TierPoint is another premier colocation service provider of cloud, managed services and disaster recovery. Its amazing portfolio comprises some 20 data centers operating in 20 different markets within the US. Tierpoint offers hybrid cloud, multi-tenant cloud, public cloud, and clouds On-Ramp.

The sheer number of options allows businesses to combine the proper infrastructure to manage the right workload. Their vast network services include internet bandwidth, load balancing services, cloud-connected content delivery networks (CDNs), and more. With their IT security and compliance services, businesses can ensure DDoS mitigation, web application firewalls, endpoint and encryption, and cleanIP extended detection and response. TierPoint offers Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to limit the impact of any disruption on a company's connectivity.


Based in Denver, Colorado, CoreSite was founded in 2001 and quickly expanded to house up to 454 employees. The company has around 22 data centers under its belt, spanning some eight countries. CoreSite offers shared colocation facilities that can be operated on-site. These services include upgrades, maintenance, emergency protocols, etc.

With CoreSite's interconnection services, businesses can boost connectivity by adopting modern hardware and software solutions, for example, using resilient connections and hardware cables that can boost performance. The colocation provider also assists network providers, the digital media sector, and healthcare with advanced, tech-based solutions.


With an expansive network of around 40 data centers that cut across 20 different markets, Flexential is another famous name in the data center colocation industry. Although localized within the US, the company has made significant headway by expanding in Europe, South America, and APAC.

Flexential offers open, scalable, and tailored colocation managed IT services and cloud-hosting services to client businesses. The IT company's colocation solution allows enterprises to access hundreds of carriers, hyperscale cloud providers, and hybrid IT networks. There's also a host of disaster recovery solutions that helps businesses by protecting their data, applications, and IT infrastructure from disruptions.

Iron Mountain

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Iron Mountain is synonymous with security and data protection in the colocation industry. The firm has expanded to imprint three different continents with 18 data centers. The company also owns a hyper-secure facility built 220 feet underground in Pennsylvania.

As a data center colocation provider, Iron Mountain assists businesses with their interconnection needs, a comprehensive security and compliance program, and sustainability. Its Intelligent Content Service Platform combines content analytics, data management, and information governance with its ML and HPC capabilities.

The company also offers document scanning, information governance services, cloud management, secure IT asset disposition, and other services.

Data Foundry

Based in Texas, Data Foundry has emerged as one of the premier choices for data center colocation. The company boasts a fantastic portfolio of colocation and managed IT services. Three of its data centers operate in Austin, with an expansion option reaching up to 44MW in total. As a data center colocation provider, the company helps businesses with 24/7 availability, network management, structured cabling, network security, and virtual hands.

Data Foundry offers multiple options for buying and renting equipment, high-density power and cooling, hybridization, and carrier-neutral facilities. The company's data centers are built conveniently away from sites of frequent disasters and offer disaster recovery deployments.


Based in Dallas, Texas, CyrusOne is a data center giant with a massive network of 50 data centers operating across North America, South America, and Europe. This colocation provider offers multiple clouds and hybrid solutions, colocation, and built-to-suit data centers. Its connectivity solutions include Metro Connect, National IX, Ethernet, wave, IP Bandwidth, and Megaport.

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