What Is SWDM4 and 40G SWDM4 Transceiver?

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With the continuous growth of network data traffic and the need for higher transmission rates, the previous OM3/OM4 multimode fibers were unable to support distances of over 150 meters for 40G/100G transmission. Additionally, as data centers require more MPO fibers, MPO connectors have evolved from MPO-8 and MPO-12 to MPO-16 and MPO-24. In order to conserve fiber resources, enhance the transmission capacity of multimode fibers, and increase transmission distances, SWDM technology has become an essential technology for high-speed communication within data centers. Look at the text below to get more details.

What Is SWDM4?

SWDM stands for Short Wavelength Division Multiplexing, an emerging multimode fiber transmission technology. It enables high-speed and cost-effective data transmission by utilizing multiple wavelengths within the short wavelength range.

SWDM technology extends the traditional 850nm wavelength used in multimode fibers to a range of 850nm-950nm, expanding the transmission wavelengths of multimode fibers. It multiplexes four wavelengths (850nm, 880nm, 910nm, and 940nm) onto a single multimode fiber, allowing multiple wavelengths to be transmitted within the same fiber. This enables the consolidation of multiple 10Gbps signals into a single multimode fiber, thereby increasing the transmission bandwidth.

By utilizing SWDM4 technology, data centers can achieve 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40G) transmission using the same multimode fiber infrastructure that was originally deployed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10G). This eliminates the need for costly fiber infrastructure upgrades or re-cabling.

What Is SWDM4 and 40G SWDM4 Transceiver

What is 40G SWDM4 Transceiver?

40G SWDM4 module refers to a specific type of optical transceiver module designed to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40G) transmission using SWDM4 technology. It is used in data center networks to enable high-speed and cost-effective communication over existing multimode fibers. The 40G SWDM4 module utilizes Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM) to transmit four wavelengths (typically 850nm, 880nm, 910nm, and 940nm) over a single pair of multimode fibers. Each wavelength carries a 10Gbps signal, resulting in a total aggregated bandwidth of 40Gbps.

The 40G SWDM4 optical module typically utilizes an LC interface and supports hot-plugging and digital diagnostic functions, enabling high-speed and reliable data transmission. It can be used in conjunction with 40G QSFP+ switches and other devices to form high-speed data communication links, supporting various data application scenarios such as data centers, cloud computing, and video transmission.

What Is SWDM4 and 40G SWDM4 Transceiver

Advantages of a 40G SWDM4 Transceiver

Here are several benefits from using the SWDM4 in 40G environments with MMF:

  • Cost-Effective: It uses two fibers (duplex) instead of eight (SR4), enabling significant fiber infrastructure capex savings.

  • OM5 Supported: It supports links up to 500m over OM5 MMF with only two fibers.

  • Easy Migration to 40G: It enables seamless migrations from both 10G and to 40G without major changes to the fiber infrastructure. It works on legacy OM3 or OM4 duplex MMF as well. The widely deployed 10G-SR, 40G-BiDi and 40G-Universal optics all operate over a single pair of MMF with regular LC termination. Therefore, users don’t need to change the existing cabling or re-terminate.

  • Familiar Tap Modules: It can be tapped using existing 1 x 2 Tap modules just like 10G-SR and 40G-Universal optics with no change or replacements, avoiding additional cost and complexity.


The above is a brief introduction to the 40G SWDM4 optical module. SWDM is a multi-vendor technology that leverages existing fiber-optic cabling infrastructure for data center upgrades. Compared with other 40G optical modules, the 40G SWDM4 optical module has the advantages of lower cost, lower energy consumption, higher density, etc. It can effectively improve the communication efficiency and reliability of the data center and become Ideal for 40G transmission within data centers. As a professional optical module manufacturer, FS.COM offers a variety of 40G optical modules for you to choose from, such as SWDM4, LX4, SR4, etc. 

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