What You Should Know About Industrial M12 Ethernet Switch?

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Industrial switch

In the realm of industrial networking, the M12 Ethernet switch stands as a robust and specialized component, playing a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication within industrial environments. Its compact size and rugged design make it ideal for use in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and others where durability and secure connections are essential. Let's delve into the intricacies and significance of these specialized industrial switches.

Understanding M12 Connectors

The M12 connector, named for its 12mm diameter, is a circular, threaded connector commonly used in industrial applications. Initially developed for sensor and actuator connections, it has evolved to support various data transmission needs, including Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, and more.

The connector typically consists of multiple pins or contacts within a circular housing and features a screw-locking mechanism that ensures a secure and stable connection, reducing the risk of signal loss or disconnection. This ensures a tight and robust connection in applications requiring high vibration and shock in environments filled with dust, liquids or gas-laden.

M12 connectors come in various coding configurations like A, B, C, D, and X coding, each with distinct keying mechanisms to prevent incorrect connections between devices. These configurations ensure proper mating between connectors, enabling safe, efficient, and reliable data transmission in diverse industrial applications. When selecting M12 connectors, it's crucial to match the coding configuration to the intended application and system requirements to avoid compatibility issues.

When it comes to industrial-grade M12 switches, they often feature M12 female ports that accommodate these coding configurations, providing a secure and dependable connection for Ethernet and other data transmission protocols. Common port configurations include 4-port, 8-port, 12-port or more, though variations exist depending on the specific manufacturer and model.

Industrial switch

Unveiling the Industrial M12 Ethernet Switch

The M12 Ethernet switch is built with M12 connectors, and its compact size and rugged design make it work perfectly well in machine tools and numerical controls that are subject to continuous vibration and shock. It can be integrated with other controllers for the efficient exchange of data and information such as PLC applications. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Rugged Design: Industrial M12 Ethernet switches are built to withstand harsh conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, electrical noise, and mechanical stress. They often have rugged casings that comply with IP67 or IP68 ratings for dust and water resistance.

  • Mounting Options: They commonly offer versatile mounting options such as DIN-rail or wall-mounting capabilities, allowing flexible installation in various locations within industrial setups.

  • Reliable Data Transmission: These switches are optimized to provide reliable data transmission in industrial applications. They support Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and others commonly used in industrial automation.

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) Support: Some industrial M12 switches may offer PoE capabilities, allowing them to supply power to connected devices such as cameras, sensors, or other PoE-enabled equipment. This eliminates the need for separate power sources, simplifying installations.

  • Managed or Unmanaged Options: They may come in managed or unmanaged variations. Managed switches offer greater control over the network, allowing for configurations, monitoring, and optimization of data traffic, while unmanaged switches are plug-and-play devices without configuration options.

Industrial switch

Applications of Industrial M12 Ethernet Switches

Industrial M12 Ethernet switches find application across various industries due to their ruggedness, reliability, and specific features tailored for harsh environments.

Manufacturing and Factory Automation

In manufacturing, M12 switches are used to create robust Ethernet networks that connect machines, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), and sensors. For instance, in an automotive assembly line, M12 switches facilitate real-time communication between robotic arms, conveyor systems, and quality control sensors. These switches ensure seamless data exchange, enabling precise control and monitoring of production processes.

Transportation and Railway Systems

In transportation, industrial M12 switches are vital for maintaining communication between onboard systems, stations, and operational centers. They help provide the data to the rail in lighting, messaging, and temperature control as well as public Wi-Fi and surveillance networks such as CCTV and security cameras. Additionally, the M12 connectors ensure a robust connection in an environment where there are constant shocks and vibrations.

Industrial switch

Outdoor Industrial Environments

Industries operating in outdoor or harsh environments, such as oil and gas, mining, or agriculture, rely on M12 switches to create resilient networks. For instance, an M12 switch is ideal for agricultural autonomous vehicles due to its vibration during operation on muddy soil surfaces. Its redundant design and robust housing ensure minimum downtime so that the processes can efficiently run uninterrupted.

Food and Beverage Processing

In food manufacturing plants, where hygiene and sanitation are critical, M12 switches designed with IP67 or higher ratings ensure protection against water, chemicals, and contaminants. These switches facilitate communication between PLCs, conveyor systems, and quality control sensors while adhering to stringent cleanliness standards.

Industrial switch

What Products Can FS Provide?

Our IES3110-8M12 is a highly reliable industrial M12 Ethernet switch with 8× 10/100/1000Base-T(X) M12 ports, ideal for environments requiring a great resistance toward vibration and shock. Equipped with rugged IP40 metal housing, this industrial switch is a great solution for people who need to implement reliable and efficient industrial networking in harsh environments, such as heavy industry. It can be used with an M12 Ethernet patch cable to connect to other switches or PLCs with RJ45 interfaces.

  • Operate stably within the temperature range of -40 – 75° C

  • DIN-rail or wall-mount for efficient use of cabinet space

  • Bypass relay prevents link failure during power loss

  • Support ERPS, IEEE 1588v2 PTP, LACP, DHCP Server, QoS, ACL, etc.

  • Support WEB/CLI/SSH/Telnet/TLS/SNMP for easy network management

Industrial switch


As technology continues to evolve, industrial switches with M12 connectors are also advancing. Manufacturers are integrating more intelligence into these switches, incorporating features like diagnostics, predictive maintenance capabilities, and enhanced cybersecurity measures to meet the evolving needs of Industry 4.0.

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