FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

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As a necessary fiber cable management component of high-density cabling, the 1U rack mount fiber enclosure is widely used in data centers to house, organize, manage, and protect fiber optic cables. The 1U rack mount enclosure comes in different types, such as removable-lid enclosure, slide-out rack enclosure, blank fiber enclosure, and so on. Today we will make a show of different types of FS 1U rack mount fiber enclosures and give you some professional buying guidance.

What Is 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure?

The rack mount fiber enclosure is generally made for 19-inch rack mounting and comes in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, or more rack units depending on the number of required connections. FS 1U 19-inch rack enclosure is generally loaded with four fiber optic panels or cassettes. There are also two ways of pulling out the tray, removable-lid type and slide-out type. The removable-lid rack enclosure with upgraded steel top cover can slide removable without tools, for cabling and connector access during installation. The slide-out rack enclosure features pull-out sliding trays. Hence, removing the whole fiber enclosure from the rack is unnecessary to gain internal access, and more convenient for high-density cabling deployment.

Types of FS 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

There are two series of FS 1U rack mount enclosures, FHZ premium fiber enclosure, and FHD series fiber enclosure.

FHZ Series Fiber Enclosure

FS FHZ premium fiber enclosure provides solid fiber-optic-link protection and space-saving cable management. It allows for 6 x FHZ fiber cassettes, holding up to 216 fibers in 1U space. The highest fiber densities and port counts contribute to maximizing rack space utilization. FS FHZ series 1U rack mount enclosure uses the FHZ fiber cassette platform to provide a premium ultra-high-density solution for interconnects or cross-connects between backbone horizontal cable and active equipment. It’s ideal for ultra-high-density fiber applications in data centers, equipment rooms, and central offices.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

FHD Series Fiber Enclosure

There are five different types of FS FHD fiber enclosures.

1U Removable-Lid Fiber Enclosure

This 1U rack mount enclosure is a removable-lid enclosure. It often houses 4 x FHD fiber optic panels or 4 x FHD MPO/MTP® fiber cassettes, providing up to 96-fiber capacity. Like the FHD fiber enclosure, this 1U rack mount enclosure is also available for installing fiber splice trays and fiber slack management spools.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

1U FHD Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure

The FS 1U FHD fiber enclosure is also a slide-out rack enclosure. Unlike the ordinary slide-out fiber enclosures, FS 1U rack mount enclosures have two types with sliding and tilt-down drawers (FHD-1UFCE and FHD-1UFMT-S), making pull-push easier and more convenient. It allows for 4 x FHD fiber optic panels or 4 x FHD MPO/MTP® fiber cassettes, holding up to 96 fibers in 1U space. In addition to this, fiber splice trays and fiber slack management spools can also be installed in the enclosure for storing and protecting spliced fiber pigtails or managing the excess fiber cable slack.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

1U FHD Modular Fiber Enclosure

FHD 1U rack mount modular fiber enclosure is compatible with 4pcs FHD series fiber cassettes or fiber adapter panels with up to 144 LC fibers in 1U. It has built-in rear cable managers and both front and rear-mounting capabilities to help manage cables easily and quickly.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

1U FHD Blank Fiber Enclosure

FS 1U rack mount blank fiber enclosure is designed for installation within standard EIA 19" rack rails to accept up to 4pcs FHD series fiber cassettes or fiber optic panels. It provides a flexible and modular system for managing fiber connections and patching and makes fiber cassettes or panels quickly snap in and pull out, making installation, moves, adds, and changes easier than ever. The detachable design provides multiple choices for your application by being separated into patch panels, plastic D-rings, lacer panels, and lacer bars. The steel lacer panel contains 4 pass-through holes on the 1U for easy-to-install FHD fiber optic panels. This horizontal cable management panel can protect cables from snags and damage to the cable.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

Selection Considerations

Here we list three main factors for your consideration when purchasing a 1U rack mount enclosure.

Number of Port Requirement

Firstly you should know the external specifications you need, such as height, width, and number of ports. A 1U rack mount enclosure can be configured with various number of ports. It usually comes in 48-port, 96-port, and 144-port. The more ports, the more expensive it will be. In addition, the 1U rack mount enclosures with fewer ports also have better accessibility performance. When you are looking at making the purchase, remember to consider the near-future growth as well.

Accessibility Requirement

Secondly, you should think about which types of fiber enclosure to better suit your situation. As we know, It is quite difficult to add, move, or change cables without moving or disturbing active fiber cables. There are slide-out type and removable-lid type rack enclosures for these situations. The slide-out type helps with ease of access, but it usually costs more. Removable-lid rack enclosures, on the other hand, are more suitable for situations where there is not a lot of movement in the cabling system.


Most importantly, whether to choose a cost-effective one for the current situation or an expensive one with high quality for the future. You should balance factors that matter to you and make the final decision.


Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of six different FS 1U rack mount enclosures. If you do not find a rack enclosure that fits your design requirements, custom services are also provided. Feel free to contact us at www.fs.com or sales@fs.com and bring your favorite fiber enclosure home.

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