FS 42U Server Cabinet Buying Guide

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Cable management is especially important in high-speed and high-density network systems, in which 42U server cabinet also has became an indispensable presence. The reasonable layout and planning of equipment and cables in the limited server room space has draw attention. This article focuses on FS 42U GR series server cabinets to improve the efficiency of cabling. FS 42U GR series server cabinets dedicate to reducing the chance of network failure caused by cabling, have more efficient airflow management and secure cable management to address data center cooling efficiency and keep cables tidy.

FS 42U Server Cabinets一Best Secure Cabling Solutions

FS 42U server cabinets, 73.5 inches in height with a rugged frame structure and perforated front and rear doors, are typically used to house data center servers, storage, switching and security equipment and provide essential services such as power and cooling to ensure equipment security. They are installed with fully perforated doors to maximize front and rear airflow for better equipment cooling. FS has two types of 42U server enclosures available. FS 42U GR600 server cabinet features adjustable brackets for quick installation, and FS 42U GR800 network & server cabinet that offers versatile and supports multiple equipment combinations, providing application flexibility.

The details of these two FS 42U server cabinets are presented as followings.

FS GR-Series Server Cabinets

Figure: Product Parameters

Why FS 42U Server Cabinets is Your Ideal Choice?

Buying a cabinet for your network is one of the most important parts of designing a data center. The main point is to optimize the physical space available in the environment and maximize efficiency. Below are advantages of FS 42U server cabinets.

Meet the Highest Weight Standards of 1500kg

Every server rack cabinet has a weight limit. We need to ensure that the weight capacity of the cabinet is greater than the total weight of the installed equipment. Due to the different panels and structures of the cabinet, the weight capacity is also different. In general, a typical 42U server rack has a weight capacity of approximately 500kg to 1500kg. FS 42U server cabinets can support a fixed weight of 1500kg or a rolling weight of 1000kg to meet the needs of computer network-integrated cabling systems and high-density data center servers.

Greater Depth Provides More Space

FS 42U server rack has two different widths: 600mm and 800mm. 600mm is a basic type, while 800mm is convenient to arrange wiring accessories such as cable trunking and cable management boards. An 800mm cabinet makes it easier to maintain large wire harnesses than a 600mm cabinet. FS 42U server cabinets meet the two different widths while having a depth of 1170mm, providing more space for cable cord management. You can choose the size of 42U server cabinet you need with confidence and ensure it fits the operating environment.

More Efficient Cable Management Tools

Generally, server cabinets equipped with cable management tools make cabling more simple and efficient. It reduces the time and effort for users to equip management assemblies by themselves.FS GR Series server cabinets offer fixed or sliding trays, adjustable shelves, adjustable mounting rails, etc. FS 42U GR600 Series server cabinet comes pre-installed with full height dual PDU brackets and adjustable fixed shelves, and GR800 Series network and server cabinet comes pre-installed with full height dual PDU brackets and vertical cable managers for efficient cable deployment.

FS GR Series Grounding Wires Enable Safety Upgrade

FS 42U GR-Series cabinet utilizes quick-release ground wires to guarantee the entire cabinet is fully bonded. This grounding system not only protects people and equipment but also prevents visitors or other unauthorized persons from accessing the equipment.

Full Services Remove Your Worries

The 42U server cabinet is relatively large and easily damaged by friction during transportation, affecting the use of the cabinet. FS server rack cabinets are covered by corner protectors and plastic bags, packed with corrugated boxes and wooden pallets to protect items from dust, crushing, abrasion, and moisture. Also, we will provide a detailed installation manual or video instruction and after-sales problem-solving service, which will bring you great convenience in the installation and maintenance of the products.


Choosing a suitable 42U server cabinet and configuring it to match your needs will ensure that your IT equipment operates efficiently and reliably, saving your organization from costly downtime and other unnecessary expenses. FS GR series cabinets are the ideal solution for secure, high-density server and network applications in IT environments with features designed to simplify rack equipment installation and maintenance while providing superior after-sales service.

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