7 Reasons For Choosing FS Smart Managed Switches

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To meet the growing needs of customers for intelligent network management, FS has launched a series of cost-effective, versatile and easily managed smart managed switches for SMBs or home offices with less complex networks, providing an efficient and affordable management solution. FS new smart switches include: S2800S-8T, S2800S-8T2F-P, S2800S-24T2F, S2800S-24T4F-P, and S2800S-48T4F. We've made a return visit to customers to collect comments, and summarized some of the most popular features of FS smart managed switch from the perspective of customers and the product itself:

1. Compact Design

The compact design on FS S2800 series smart managed switches is ideal for flexible network deployments, simplifies cabling, saves deployment space and costs, making them suitable for small homes or offices.

FS Client Reviews:

"This is a nice little space saver because of its compact size, It was small enough to use without thinking about how to deploy it, and I could put it right next to my computer without any interruptions, which was very convenient."

Figure1: FS S2800S-8T2F-P Smart Managed PoE+ Switch with compact design

2. Easy Management

FS S2800 L2+ smart managed switches with fully L2+ functions provide simple and visual Web GUI management, can automatically detect threats and configures devices to protect users' network security.

FS Client Reviews:

"GUI is great for management on LAN - extremely !! configurable with remote management VLAN and SSH access. Yet to use serial management. "

"For me, This switch is complete with a user-friendly web GUI management that walks me through set-up, configuration, and management quickly and easily, and everything is working well."

Figure 2: FS S2800S-48T4F Smart Managed Switch via Web GUI

3. Fanless Design for Noise-sensitive Working Environment

All FS S2800 smart managed switches are featured with fanless design to ensure noiseless operation, improve system reliability, and create a quiet, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly working environment.

FS Client Reviews:

"The switch is placed directly in our office area, due to its fanless design, for me who is sensitive to noise, I can thoroughly meditate on my work, and the switch can be kept ventilated can be independently dissipated, do not have to worry about the problem of high temperature because there is no fan switch."

Figure3: FS S2800S-8T Smart Managed Switch with silent operation

4. Intelligent PoE and PoE+ for Network Stability

The smart poe switches support 802.3af/at and automatic PD devices detection, flexibly allocate power to each PoE port, and each port can be configured with up to 30W power. A single cable can deliver power and network connection for PoE+ devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones, etc. They are ideal for flexible power distribution and non-PoE devices protection, keeping your network stable.

FS Client Reviews:

"It runs very well. All ports are PoE ports, I can use this switch to connect my devices like cameras, computers, etc., and they all work very smoothly, perfect for me to use at home."

“This PoE switch can power and transmit data to other devices, we don't need to configure power cables and sockets, which saves much money and time!"

Figure 4: FS S2800S-24T4F-P Smart Managed PoE+ Switch supplies power to devices

5. Fundamental Management with QoS, VLAN, IGMP, IEEE


  • VLANs for security and cost-saving

By segregating your networks without buying separate equipment for each, you can create virtual boundaries around business units via the smart switch to slow down or stop attacks for higher security.


  • QoS for smooth internet-surfing

Advanced QoS prioritize critical business traffic, offering a lag-free network experience.


  • IGMP for network efficiency

IGMP dynamically configures switch ports so that multicast traffic is forwarded only to devices associated with the appropriate receiver, improving network performance by reducing flooding.

FS Client Reviews:

"I bought it for the 802.1Q VLAN switching... I've separated my home networks between work (I work from home), users (family), home-automation, LoT (untrusted appliances... like security DVRs and home assistants), and Management (network management). For a home VLAN setup I'm quite happy with these switches... "

"Easy to install. You can't hear it. It has the appearance of being robust. It also has an IGMP protocol, essential if you are going to hook up a TV with SmartTV or an Orange or Movistar encoder. "

Figure 5: FS S2800S-24T2F Smart Managed Switch with diversity functions

6. IEEE for Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

The S2800S supports IEEE 802.3AZ and helps you save power and cost by autonomously connecting to detect the status of devices or the length of cable connecting the ports.

FS Client Reviews:

"It is recommended to use this feature. In addition, green Ethernet's power-saving feature automatically identifies whether my device has traffic transmission if it is off; it will automatically close the idle port to save energy and high energy efficiency, reducing the impact on the environment."

Figure 6: Distributes Electricity Across Different Networks with FS Smart Managed Switch

7. Integrated Service

FS layout global warehouse system, with sufficient inventory of goods, to ensure shipping and delivery time. FS dedicated technical team provides you with cost-effective and flexible network solutions, the IT staff will help you answer your questions online to ensure correct installation and use. We also have excellent after-sales service, to help you solve payment problems, track logistics, and provide product warranty, return and other services.

For more details, please check out S2800S Smart Managed Switches.

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