A Guide to Choose the Right FS S5860 Series Switch

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FS S5860 Series Switches are high-performance, high-security 10G L3 enterprise switches produced by FS to meet the increasing demand for a reliable, flexible, and scalable network. Since the size and layout of each network deployment are unique, we'll explore these eight enterprise switches further to help you make the best choice for your maximum value.


FS S5860 Series Switches Overview

FS S5860 series layer 3 managed switches are next-generation high-performance and strong-security 10G Ethernet switches, specifically designed for the convergence layer of large-sized networks and the core layer of small and medium-sized networks. The S5860 series encompasses a diverse lineup of eight models, including S5860-20SQ, S5860-48SC, S5860-24XB-U, S5860-48XMG-U, S5860-48MG-U, S5860-24MG-U, S5860-24XMG, and S5860-48XMG. Powered by advanced Broadcom chips, these switches offer features like virtual stacking, PoE++, and multiple uplink options. These enterprise switches come with high-performance hardware and comprehensive functions to ensure easy operation and network reliability for various deployment scenarios. They can be applied in the enterprise network design of a traditional three-layer structure of core layer, aggregation layer, and access layer, seeking to improve scalability, performance, flexibility, resiliency, and maintenance.

Best Choice for 10G Enterprise Switches

Various Types of Ports Meet Requirements in Multiple Scenarios

FS S5860 Series L3 enterprise switches are available in models with 24 or 48 ports and are equipped with uplinks of 25G/40G/100G for core switches and future expansion, fully meeting diverse requirements for high-density access and high-performance convergence.

network design

S5860-20SQ and S5860-48SC are all-optical switches with 20 or 48 10G ports for accessing switches or servers. S5860-20SQ provides up to 40G uplinks, while S5860-48SC provides up to 100G uplinks.

S5860-24XB-U, S5860-24XMG, S5860-24MG-U, S5860-48MG-U, S5860-48XMG, S5860-48XMG-U are multi-gigabit hybrid optical/electrical switches with 100M/1000M/1/2.5/ 5/10GBase-T auto-sensing ports for different bandwidth devices.

Among them, S5860-24XB-U, S5860-24MG-U, S5860-48MG-U, and S5860-48XMG-U also support PoE++ and comply with the IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE standard. This feature provides network power for high-power devices like Wi-Fi 6 wireless APs, facilitating faster and more flexible device installation, reducing cabling and future maintenance costs.

When selecting a switch, consider the transmission speed required, the transmission media, and the maximum speed it supports. For specific port information of each model, please view the S5860 Series Switches Data Sheet.

PoE++ Power Ports

Long-lasting Operation Without Failure

FS S5860 series switches are equipped with dual 1+1 redundant power supplies (AC), so the PSUs can be removed or replaced without shutting down the system to ensure service continuity. In addition, all of the S5860 series switches feature a varying number of smart fans. Considering the capability of heat dissipation and power reduction, the differences in fans and power consumption are shown below. For mission-critical applications that demand fault-tolerant power systems and energy-efficient networking environments, any of the eight S5860 series switches would be an excellent choice.

  S5860-20SQ S5860-48SC S5860-24XB-U S5860-24MG-U S5860-24XMG S5860-48XMG S5860-48MG-U S5860-48XMG-U
Fan Number dual hot-swappable four hot-swappable (3+1 Redundancy) three hot-swappable (2+1 Redundancy) 2 Built-in 2+1 Hot-swappable 2+1 Hot-swappable 2+1 Hot-swappable 2+1 Hot-swappable
Airflow Front-to-Back Front-to-Back Front-to-Back and Left-to-Back Left-to-Right Front-to-Back and Left-to-Back Front-to-Back and Left-to-Back Front-to-Back and Left-to-Back Front-to-Back and Left-to-Back
Power Supply 2 Hot-swappable (1+1 Redundancy) 2 Hot-swappable (1+1 Redundancy) 2 Hot-swappable (1+1 Redundancy) 1 built-in Dual 1+1 redundant (AC) Dual 1+1 redundant (AC) Dual 1+1 redundant (AC) Dual 1+1 redundant (AC)
Max. Power Consumption 85W 300W 120W(without PDs), 860W(with PDs) 120W (460W with PoE)

Single Power: 110W (1200W with PoE)

Dual Power: 110W (2400W with PoE)

Single Power: 240W (1000W with PoE)

Dual Power: 240W (2000W with PoE)

Single Power: 240W (1000W with PoE)

Dual Power: 240W (2000W with PoE)

Single Power: 240W (1000W with PoE)

Dual Power: 240W (2000W with PoE)

Virtual Stacking with Improved Network Capacity

All of the S5860 series switches support virtual stacking. Therefore, you can select stacking ports according to your network to increase port density, simplify management, and achieve hot standby redundancy. However, each model varies in the number and type of switch ports as well as the stacking bandwidth.

The S5860-20SQ 24-port L3 switch features up to 40G uplinks with a maximum stacking bandwidth of 200G. The S5860-48SC is equipped with double the number of the S5860-20SQ ports and high-bandwidth up to 100G QSFP28 ports to meet the needs of high-density deployment. Its maximum stacking bandwidth is 400G.

While the S5860-20SQ and S5860-48SC are limited to using optical ports for stacking, the S5860-24MG-U and S5860-48MG-U L3 multi-gigabit hybrid switches feature 5GBase-T auto-sensing ports for stacking. Additionally, the S5860-24XB-U, S5860-24XMG, S5860-48XMG, and S5860-48XMG-U are equipped with 10GBase-T ports, ensuring seamless network expansion. Notably, the S5860-24XB-U supports a maximum stacking bandwidth of 140G. You can take the differences in ports and maximum stacking bandwidth among the eight FS S5860 series switches into consideration based on your network requirements.


Functions and Protocols Realize Diverse Safe Network Design

FS S5860 series switches come with a variety of functions and policies that help users realize various network design needs and get a better operation experience:

  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Multi-Layer Switching: The S5860 series switches support line-rate IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack multi-layer switching and can differentiate and process packets for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. This capability allows users to build networks more flexibly by choosing the most suitable routing protocol, enabling desired data transmission.

  • Sound Security Protection Policies: FS S5860 series switches provide various mechanisms, including hardware-based IPv6 ACLs, DHCP snooping, SSH, SNMPv3, etc., to prevent bugs and hacker attacks effectively. This robust security ensures the protection of networks against attacks, creating a safer network environment.

  • Quality of Service: QoS enables enterprise switches to prioritize traffic, ensuring more important data is handled first. FS S5860 series switches offer a range of QoS policies to classify and control traffic, including IP, MAC, and application traffic, ensuring the timely and efficient processing of critical network traffic.

With high-performance hardware and the FSOS platform, it provides features like ACL, QinQ, and QoS. PicOS® stands out as a leading open-source network operating system developed by Pica8. It provides advanced features such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking protocols and supports several hardware platforms. With PicOS®, businesses can optimize network performance while reducing costs associated with proprietary NOS alternatives. Compared to FSOS, a software solution developed by FS, PicOS® offers additional features that such as VOICE VLAN, PVST, PVST+, PTP, NETCONF, OPENFLOW, and MLAG are not currently supported by FSOS. You can read the article "5 Reasons to Buy FS S5860 Series Switches with PicOS®" to learn more.

Real-time and Simplified Network Management

The Visualized WebUI feature ensures real-time management for S5860 series switches. With this function, users can configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the device in real-time without having CLI expertise. They also support Airware Cloud, a centralized network control center that enables easy configuration and management with visual monitoring and privacy protection, ultimately reducing costs and saving time.

Additionally, all S5860 series switches also support OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) for simplified network management, which can simplify typologies by splitting autonomous systems into areas, automatically calculating and renewing the shortest path, and transmitting link status information, reducing labor hours.


FS Services Ensure Long-term Superior Performance

FS S5860 series switches come with an industry-leading 5-year limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy against defects in materials or workmanship.

Besides, FS provides a personal account manager, free professional technical support, and 24/7 live customer service to each customer:

  • Professional Lab: Test each product with the latest and advanced networking equipment.

  • Free Technical Support: Provide free & tailored solutions and services for your businesses.

  • 80% Same-day Shipping: Immediate shipping for in-stock items.

  • Fast Response: Direct and immediate assistance from an expert.


The FS S5860 series switches stand out for scalability, security, and reliability, making them ideal for meeting the expanding demands of modern networks. Whether you need to upgrade your existing network or build a new network infrastructure, the S5860 series switches are a worthwhile choice. They are reliable partners in modern networks, capable of satisfying your unique requirements.

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