Year in Review: A Look Back on 2017 at FS.COM

Posted on January 17, 2018
September 19, 2020

2017 was flown by in an instant, and since we’ve jumped into 2018. This year also marked a turning point in furthering FS.COM’s journey towards product innovation and worldwide business. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the year’s highlights. So here we review a representative selection of achievements and visual reflections on the year at FS.COM, from among the many accomplishments in major product launches and global service expansion - which all make the year of 2017 in FS.COM.

Event One: Seattle Warehouse Expansion

2017 was a landmark year for us as we further expanded our warehouse located in Seattle, USA. With the local inventory climes to over 510, 000, most of our featured products can be shipped out the same day after confirming your order.

fs seattle warehouse

According to our annual shipment report of Seattle warehouse (as shown in the following figure), the delivery quantities was increasing steadily from January to December last year.

fs seattle shipment report

We’ve also optimized the shipping policy for customers from North America - delivered directly from Seattle warehouse, orders over $79 can enjoy free two-day shipping. Which significantly reduces the waiting time while improves shopping experience.

order online pick up in store

With enhanced local service from the USA, customers are able to shop at FS.COM online and pick up in store the same day. And we’re very proud to see that FS.COM had gradually gained broad recognization and great reputation among customers.

Event Two: Establishment of German Warehouse

2017 has been a year unlike any other with the opening with our German warehouse that brings a whole new range of opportunities. This warehouse scales up to 2000 m2  with an inventory of 100, 000 products, large quantity delivery across Europe is thus secured.

fs german munichi warehouse

The free fast shipping policy also pertains to our German warehouse, but only for an entire order over €79. Products available in Munichi, German can be shipped out to 29 countries across Europe: 1-2 business day shipping via DHL Express is available for Melta and Cyprus, as for other countries, it would take 1-3 business days via UPS Standard. And we are glad to see a sustainable growth of shipment from the German warehouse.

munichi shipment report
Counties included in free shipping policy
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Note: the following areas are not supported by free shipping policy
Germany: The Island of Heligoland, The territory of Büsingen
France: French overseas territories, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Martin
Italy: Livigno, Campione d'Italia, The Italian waters of Lake Lugano
Netherland: Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten
Denmark: Faroe Islands, Greenland
Greece: Mount Athos
Spain: Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands
Finland: The Åland Islands
Cyprus: Turkish part of the island
UK: Isle of Man, British overseas territories, Gibraltar, Channel Islands, Jersey

Event Three: Smart Online Distribution System

Our intelligent delivery system intends to take the advantage of local inventory (In the US and German), so as to reduce your waiting time and improve the shopping experience. Your order will be shipped out from the nearest warehouse based on your location, if there happens to be insufficient inventory or no stock, the order will be delivered from China.

fs shipping policy

Event Four: Featured Product Innovation

Looking back it’s been our busiest and most challenging year - there were lots of amazing performance as we’ve launched and renovated an incredible array of products, including network switches and fiber enclosures. Let’s take a tour to review each.

1/10/40/100G Ethernet Network Switch

FS.COM switch product line consists of there categories: data center switches, LAN switches and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.


1. Data Center Switches-FS.COM N Series Switches

2. Data Center Switches-S5800 & S8050 Series

3. LAN Switches-S3800 & S3700 Series

4. Power Over Ethernet Switch

Both our N series and S58 series switches target the use in data centers, enterprises, businesses, service providers, military and etc. But N series are higher-end open network switches equipped with Broadcom chip, thus are compatible with various operation systems. S58 series switches, however, can be operated like most of Cisco switches, and is able to match and work with switches from Cisco, Juniper and other brands. Loaded with an easy-to-operate OS, S58 series enables immediate use and frees you from the pain of studying a totally new system. Our PoE network switches, with simplified operation and adequate stock, are specifically for small-and-medium sized business (SMB) networks.

FHX, FHD and FHU Cable Management Product Line

FHX, FHD and FHU series are FS.COM fiber distribution solutions for ultra high density interconnections in data centers. Including essential components like fiber adapter panels (FAPs), MTP/MPO cassettes, fiber enclosures and etc, these are all optimized and future-proof optical fiber management system with unsurpassed reliability, agility and scalability.

FHD Series


FHD Fiber Adapter Panel: Designed to fit FHD fiber enclosure and cable management panel, and there are 4pcs optional plastic clips provided freely for stable adapters installation. It is available with LC, SC and MTP ports, as well as single-mode and multimode version. The cover plate on the rear adds extra mounting stability to secure your cabling.

FHD 8F MTP Cassettes: An elegant, simple solution for 40G/100G to 10G/25G LC cable connections. The low insertion loss (Max. 0.35 dB) falls complaint IEEE 802.3ae max and ensures link reliability. FHD MTP cassette also allows for 100% fiber utilization and better network scalability.

FHD Fiber Enclosure: designed to use with FHD series MTP cassettes or FAPs, providing high density solution that saves previous space and simplifies cable management. Both rack-mount and wall mount types are available, and its rack-mount version features 1U, 2U and 4U design, holding up to 96, 192, 288 fibers respectively.

FHU Series


FHU Breakout Patch Panels: highlight LC ports on the front and MTP ports at the rear, serving as an ideal option for 40G-10G and 100G-25G breakout cabling. Which are available with 40G breakout patch panel, 100G breakout patch panel and angled patch panel, these patch panels effectively get your cabling under control.

FHU 1U Adapter Patch Panels: 19" rack-mount, designed to cover open space in racks while protect equipment. They feature high quality solid steel housing, and are available with LC, SC or blank versions. LC and SC panels can house up to 96 fibers, enabling maximized space while take cable clutter under control. Which is proven a great fit for easy, fast plug & play installation.   Blank panels for covering unused rack space in the front of a rack, enabling improved airflow.

FHX Series


FHX Ultra Adapter Panels: available with LC, SC and MTP types, these FAPs are designed for quick and easy MACs in high density cabling environments. And they allow for routing and protection of fibers without adjacent circuits, and cables can be routed straight back to avoid the possibility of kinking. Loaded with high quality connectors that beyond industry standards.

FHX Ultra MTP Cassettes: with Ultra- thin Design, up to 18pcs FHX MTP-8 to LC cassettes and 12pcs FHX MTP-12 to LC cassettes can be mounted to a FHX enclosure. They offer quick and easy installation into enclosure, with maximum operability and minimum downtime. 

FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure: 1U rack with 3 layers holder to manage up to 144 fibers, minimizing floor space while enabling higher density utilization. It can use either 8-fiber or 12-fiber cassette by moving and changing the rails. Gives you the freedom to deploy any network architecture, fiber infrastructure and network types. With agile depth adjustment, it can holds 18 FHX MTP-8 to LC cassettes, 12 FHX MTP-12 to LC cassettes/ FAPs/FHX conversion cassettes. 


2017 has been quite a year and those are just some of the many highlights! This year has felt like one adventure after another - It was a truly extraordinary year for FS.COM and members of the big family. As always, we are very thankful for your support, and we are praying that 2018 will be a year of peace, hope, and contentment for you all. Thank you for spending 2017 with FS.COM!  2018 is lining up and will definitely to be another big year for us.