FS August 2021 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! We have released some new products such as short boot optic cables, customized trunk cable for high speed transmission, 200G AOC with low power consumption and Cisco-compatible transceiver for long distance transmission. Further more, we have also updated the software versions for some of our switches, please keep reading about what's new.


High Quality LC UPC to LC UPC Short Boot Simplex/Duplex Optic Cable

Compared with traditional boot cables, this Single Mode LC Short Boot Fiber Optic Cable is 30% shorter in overall connector length, which provides more cabling possibilities in limited space. Besides, no heat shrink tube design helps improve the cable flexibility without damaging transmission performance. We have introduced both simplex and duplex LC cables with different lengths to choose from.


32F OM4 MTP Trunk Cable — Your Choice for High Speed 400G Connections

The new 32F OM4 MTP Trunk Cable is offered in 2x16 Fibers configuration. It can be used together with 400G QSFP-DD module in 400G high-density data center to meet the demand for high-density and high-performance fiber networks in various industries. Used with corresponding adapters/boxes with MTP heads at both ends, the new cable can be connected to the existing 12F wiring system.


200G QSFP56 AOC for Supporting InfiniBand HDR

The latest 200G QSFP56 AOC is the update version of 100G AOC. The QSFP56 pluggable solution enables 200G transmission for high density applications. The new QSFP56 are designed to operate reliably in hash operating conditions and support InfiniBand HDP.


25G SFP28 20km BIDI Transceiver for up to 20km Transmission Distance

At the beginning of August, we launched 25G SFP28 20km BIDI Transceiver, which adopts internationally famous US Macom chip and achieves less than 1.2W low power consumption. The new 25G SFP28 BIDI Transceiver is designed to provide highly efficient 20km distance for transmission in data centers.


Mini Unmanaged Converter with up to 12K Jumbo Frames

As our newest product, this Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter can extend communication distance with high performance of data transmission via fiber optic cable by supporting jumbo frames up to 12K as well as MTBF over 50,000hrs.


New Updates on N-Series & Some NC-Series Switches FSOS Software

The N-Series switches, namely N5860-48SC, N8560-48BC, N8560-32C, N8560-64C and two NC-Series, including NC8200-4TD and NC8400-4TH, have been updated to the latest software version— B9P101. Based on the old version B9P66S2, the new version fixes bugs such as:

  • The VSU host interruption failure after the upgrade;

  • Packet capture does not open the AP port to capture packets;

  • High fan speed caused by module compatibility;

Please refer to the links below for more details:

N Series & NC8200-4TD Switches FSOS Software Release Note

NC8400-4TH Switch FSOS Software Release Note


New Updates on Products S5810&S3910&S3410 Series and S5860-20SQ&S5860-24XB-U Switches FSOS Software

The S5810&S3910&S3410 Series switches, including S5810-28FS, S5810-48FS, S5810-48TS-P, S3910-24TF, S3910-24TS, S3910-48TS and S3410-10TF-P, S3410-24TS-P, S3410-48TS-P, have been updated to the latest software version--B74S3. Based on the old version, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • After the GT module is plugged into the device to perform the shutdown command, the no shutdown command cannot restore the UP state of the port;

  • S5810-28FS, S5810-48FS, S3910-24TF, S3410-10TF-P Gigabit port and other equipment appear FS optical to electricity module does not emit light.

Please refer to the links below for more details:

S5810 Series Switches FSOS Software Release Notes

S3910 Series Switches FSOS Software Release Note

S3410 Series Switches FSOS Software Release Note

The S5860-20SQ and S5860-24XB-U switches have been updated to the latest software version--B0101P1S1. Based on the old version B74S2&B0101P1, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Spelling errors in the web interface were corrected;

  • Problem of abnormal display of the web interface was solved;

  • Devices will support public and private keys for SSH login.

Please refer to the link below for more details:

S5860-20SQ and S5860-24XB-U Switches FSOS Software Release Notes

We'll be back next month with another update. Have a great month.

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