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FS.COM SFP+ Optical Modules Guide

FS.COM SFP+ Optical Modules Solution SFP+ stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus, which is an enhanced version of the SFP. It is a hot-swappable transceiver that plugs into the SFP+ port of a network switch and supports data rates of up to 16Gbps. FS.COM SFP+ optical modules are available with a variety of different types to ensure your networks operate with maximum performance, reliability, and flexibility. FS.COM SFP+ Optical Modules Quick View FS.COM
Posted on June 6, 2018 By FS.COM
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How to Check SFP Module Optical Signal Strength?

SFP optical transceiver is a hot-swappable, compact component that provides fiber connectivity for optical networking. They support various applications like Fibre Channel (FC) switches, SONET/SDH network, Gigabit Ethernet, high-speed computer links, and CWDM and DWDM interfaces. When connected to switches, the optical signal strength of SFP modules is a critical parameter to ensure the normal working of the whole connections. This article will introduce the method of SFP module signals measurem
Posted on June 5, 2017 By FS.COM
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FS.COM SFP Optical Modules Guide

FS.COM generic hot pluggable SFP+ transceiver modules offers a wide range of options regard to speeds, protocols, reaches and supported transmission media. Which are compatible with the major brands in the market.
Posted on June 3, 2017 By FS.COM
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Understanding of 10GBASE-T SFP+ Copper Transceiver Modules

With the broad adoption of network function virtualization (NFV) and unified data and storage networking toady, servers are now seeing increased I/O demands. To keep pace with the increased I/O demand, network access line rates have migrated from 1Gb/s to 10Gb/s. Several connectivity solutions exist to service these network access needs including direct attach cables (DAC), optical transceiver modules and 10gbase-t sfp+ transceiver. Each comes with its own set of distinct advantages and disadvan
Posted on April 12, 2017 By FS.COM
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SFP+ DAC Twinax Cable Deployment Considerations

Network cabling has gone through profound changes over the years, making a great leap forward to higher-speed fiber cables. But in some cases, copper twinax cable still has an significant role to play. Such as SFP+ twinax copper cable, or SFP+ DAC twinax cable, serves as an optimized solution for 10GbE applications over short distances. This post will introduce some basic information about SFP+ DAC twinax cable, and considerations for deploying 10G SFP+ DAC cables. SFP+ DAC Twinax Cable Basic
Posted on August 23, 2016 By FS.COM
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Choose 10GBASE-T Copper Over SFP+ for 10G Ethernet

With the increase in server consolidation through virtualization in the data center, the resulting data demand has exceeded the traditional 1Gb/s throughput capability. 10G Ethernet, which can simplify network infrastructure by consolidating multiple gigabit ports into a single 10GbE connection, is considered to be an ideal solution to overcome the aforesaid bandwidth limitation. Generally, 10GbE network can be achieved both by 10GBASE-T copper and SFP+ cabling. This post will discuss why to cho
Posted on November 1, 2015 By FS.COM
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Active Optical Cable (AOC) – Rising Star of Telecommunications & Datacom Transceiver Markets

As data rates rise and data center clusters grow in size, copper cable technology is getting stretched to its limits. Active optical cable (AOC) assemblies were invented to replace copper technology in data centers and high performance computing (HPC) applications in virtue of its stability and flexibility. In the era of the optical network, AOC cable captures a major chunk of high-speed optical inter-connectivity market on a global level. Active Optical Cable AOC Wiki Active optical cable
Posted on March 1, 2015 By FS.COM
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10G SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Media System-10GSFP+Cu

10G SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Media System-10GSFP+Cu The escalating deployments of multi-core processor-based servers and demanding applications are driving the need for 10 Gigabit connections. Customers require flexible and scalable I/O solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of these deployments. 10GSFP+Cu addresses the demanding needs for today’s data center environments. In recent year, the networking industry was gearing up for massive uptake of co
Posted on January 4, 2015 By FS.COM
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XFP vs SFP+, What's the Difference? Can We Connect XFP and SFP+?

In fiber optic networking, there exists such a kind of optical component, small in size but plays an important role. It is optical module. With the rapid development of telecom industry, optical module has been upgraded to 10G transmission capacity to meet the high speed requirement of network deployment. XFP module and SFP+ module both work at 10G data rate, but XFP vs SFP+, what is the difference? Have you encountered the issue about XFP and SFP compatibility? Can we connect XFP with SFP+? Kee
Posted on September 26, 2014 By FS.COM