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42U Server Cabinet Selection and Buying Guide

Many people consider the server cabinet as a cabinet for IT equipment, but it’s more than that. The server cabinet systematically solves the problems such as high-density heat dissipation in computer applications, management of numerous cables and equipment, large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with rack-mount devices of different manufacturers, so that the data center can operate in a highly stable environment. There are many types of cabinets available on the market. This ...
Posted on   February 27, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Fiber Distribution Panel Wiki, Types and Buying Tips

The fiber optic cabling system is becoming increasingly complex as numerous fiber cables are added into the network everyday. To manage and organize these cables in order, network technicians often use various cable organizers to minimize the clutter of wires when dealing with fiber cable moves, adds and changes (MACs). Fiber distribution panel or fiber optic distribution panel is one of the commonly used cable managers. What Is A Fiber Distribution Panel? Fiber distribution panel, also know...
Posted on   September 27, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

What’s Modular Patch Panel and How to Use It?

Patch panels are common and essential cable organizers for both small and large networks. They are useful tools to build a neat and easy-to-manage cabling system. In the market, there are various types of patch panels such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a patch panels. And as the fiber cabling is emerging, fiber patch panels are also popular. In addition to that, modular patch panels are also launched to offer greater range of flexibility. Since we have discussed Ethernet patch panel and fiber optic patch ...
Posted on   September 13, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

What Is a Patch Panel and Why Do We Need It?

When connecting a large number of devices to a server, switch, or other piece of networking hardware with a mass of cables, it is vital to make sure that you would manage all the cables well and plan everything out properly. Since you are not only setting things up for today, but also planning for any potential future growth, the scalability and flexibility of your cabling infrastructure need to be considered. A patch panel is an effective equipment to keep your data center or server room organi...
Posted on   September 5, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

Rack fiber cabling can be tricky at times as it can lead to cable congestion and service interruptions. This can be caused by a rack mount enclosure that does not meet your needs or it is simply not suitable for your environment. This being said, it is important to choose the right cable management enclosure. Now the 1U rack enclosure is one of the most commonly used cable organizers for rack cable management. The 1U Rack enclosure comes in different layouts as well. But how do you choose the ri...
Posted on   August 28, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Apply 1U Cable Management in Your Server Rack?

Are you tired with messy networks? It is time to place the 1U cable management between switch and patch panel to arrange your rack and cabinet. Based on the existing equipment, you only need get some cable management kits to route the cooper or fiber cables. Most 1U cable managers feature high capacity slim cable fingers to provide maximum capacity at every rack space unit and a rigid design to decrease deflection when cables are routed in/out of the cable manager channel. Therefore, put the 1U ...
Posted on   July 8, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Proper Vertical Rack Cable Management Solutions

Rack cable management (RCM) is one of the most pressing challenges encountered by most network installers and IT technicians in server rooms and data centers. It contains six different parts: horizontal cable management, vertical cable management, overhead cable tray systems, copper or fiber patch panel, labeling and cable ties. These parts are combined together to create an innovative and complete system for patch cable management. Today’s topic will focus on vertical rack cable management. ...
Posted on   June 28, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Best Patch Panel Cable Management Techniques

In the structured cabling system, a complete connectivity comprises of cable, patch panel, wall outlet and patch cord supporting all LAN applications. Numbers of cables come into or go out, in this situation where easily causes cable spaghetti. A patch panel not only performs the function of acting as the connectors, but also helps to arrange the cables in organized orders. Consequently, the well-organized patch panel cable management provides a reliable cabling system for all of today’s network...
Posted on   June 22, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Install Patch Panel and Switch?

Patch panel and Ethernet switch are commonly used to connect all devices in data centers. They are usually mounted on the server rack to perform the relevant functions. Many people are distressed by the installation of patch panel and switch in their telecommunication room, and crazy about the cable spaghetti from the patch panel to switch. In practice, an ideal cable management system could deal with this embarrassing situation. Consequently, a well-designed structured cabling system is in plac...
Posted on   June 14, 2018 By FS.COM