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Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Using 10GbE Leaf Switch to Build Data Center Architecture

As business needs have evolved, so has data center networking architecture. As servers multiply and switching tiers stretch in data centers, the leaf switch or leaf-spine architecture emerges as a rising star to gradually replace the traditional three-tier architectures. FS 10GbE data center leaf switch is built on a network fabric that combines time-tested protocols with new innovations to create a highly flexible, scalable, and resilient architectures. This post takes a look at why it makes se...
Posted on May 24, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS S5900-24S Stackable Switch: Affordable Option for Network Expansion

Stand-alone switches are commonly used to build small business networks. However, when handling burgeoning networks, you may find that managing individual switches and adding new switches is a complex process. In this case, you may consider implementing the stackable switch to simplify and increase the capacity of the network. Then what is a stackable switch and how to stack multiple switches together? Here will take FS S5900-24S stackable 10GB switch as an example to discuss these topics. ...
Posted on May 17, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS S5800-8TF12S Switch: Key Choice for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is a rising star to herald an architectural revolution in data centers over past years. Hyper-convergence brings compute and storage together in one box with the built-in hypervisor, typically mated to a server platform to create an easy-to-use appliance. Hyper-converged appliance requires Ethernet switches with higher capabilities than unmanaged switches. FS S5800-8TF12S hyper-converged infrastructure switch is the key HCI solution that helps optimize costs ...
Posted on May 10, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

10G ToR/Leaf Ethernet Switch: What Is the Right Choice?

Networking has undergone tremendous changes in the last few decades. For now, 40Gb switch is ramping up and 10Gb Ethernet switch has become ubiquitous in data center application, working as Top-of-Rack (ToR) switches at the edge of the network or leaf switches in more advanced spine-leaf architecture. On the other hand, the explosive growth in online applications, cloud services and virtualization also fuels the need for high-speed switching. As there may exist a dazzling array of 10 gigabit swi...
Posted on May 7, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Use Guide of FS.COM S3800-48T4S 48 Port Gigabit Switch

Nowadays, Gigabit switches have been popular in small and medium enterprise networks. With the widespread of smart home, multiple devices like computers, servers, game systems, 4K HDTVs, DVRs, etc, are ever-increasing in home use. As a result, home Gigabit switch is also needed for home users to increase the throughput of a local network. The number of ports provided by the switch corresponds to the number of devices that can be connected. In the Gigabit Ethernet switch market, the 48 Port switc...
Posted on May 6, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS 24-Port PoE Switch: Power Your Network for High-quality VoIP

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology brings new capability and device expansion to network deployments, such as IP cameras, indoor wireless access points, VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems which are capable of receiving power over Ethernet cabling. Among them, VoIP phone is a fast-growing area for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). If you're switching to VoIP, then it's critical to ensure that your network infrastructure such as VoIP switches are fully optimized for it. FS.COM recommends...
Posted on May 4, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Stack FS 3800 Series Ethernet Switches?

Serving as the building block of network expansion, Gigabit Ethernet switches are usually adopted at the edge of data center or as leaf switches in the simplified “leaf-spine” fabric. Stackable gigabit switch is now well established as a stable, standards-based connectivity technology to efficiently handle and manage bandwidth-hungry applications. With huge cost-per-port reduction, performance gains and energy efficiencies, stackable Ethernet switch is gaining in much popularity. So what is swit...
Posted on April 26, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

What Is SFP Port of Gigabit Switch?

Each device is equipped with dedicated switch port, which can transfer data to other ports at any time and the transmissions will not interfere. Different ports have different sizes and specifications, which prevents the incorrect type of connector being plugged into them. In today’s telecommunication industry, SFP port can be found in a variety of network devices, including Ethernet switches, routers, network interface cards (NIC), servers, etc. Modern Gigabit switch is usually designed with tw...
Posted on April 26, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS 10Gbase-T Switch: Breaks the Price Barrier for 10G Network

Bandwidth intensive applications are further pushing the threshold on the need for higher performance, making 10G Ethernet a imperative for inter-switch and server-to-switch links. However, a glaring problem facing network managers is the high costs associated with 10G optical cabling, which has delayed widespread adoption of 10G Ethernet. Fortunately, 10GBase-T switch overcomes these cost barriers, ushering in an affordable migration to 10Gb copper switch throughout the data center. Recently, F...
Posted on April 12, 2018 By FS.COM