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Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Transceiver Module?

In large data centers that feed countless end users, it is inevitable to house a large quantity of equipment that may come from different vendors to cover harsh needs. The problem is, for example, that every newly-purchased brand network switch requires to work with the optical transceivers that are embedded with some matched codes, which increases the total expenditures. What’s worse, to purchase, communicate and seek for after-sales services and maintenance will drain up your energy. Is there ...
Posted on   February 27, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS.COM Is Ready to Devote to 400G Transceiver Market

400G Ethernet for data center is a hot topic these days. Though 100G network is widely deployed today, 400G is considered to be the next major Ethernet speed for data centers. In fact, cloud providers and others who require ultra-high bandwidth connectivity are developing and testing technologies for 400G Ethernet networks now. Then what exactly is 400G Ethernet network? What kind of transceiver module shall be used for 400G Ethernet link connectivity? What Is 400G Ethernet? 400 Gigabit Ethe...
Posted on   September 20, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Global Optical Transceiver Market: Striding to 200G and 400G

The demand for higher Ethernet speed, couple with the prevalence of Cloud computing, Internet of Things and virtual data center, has driven the prosperity of optical transceiver market. Optical transceiver, direct attach cable (DAC) and active optical cable (AOC) have evolved dramatically to catch leading edge broadband network capacity. The past decades have witnessed massive adoption of optical transceivers with data rates ranging from 1G, 10/25G to 40/100G, while higher-speed 200G or even dat...
Posted on   February 1, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Basic Knowledge About GPON SFP Transceivers

GPON stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Network. GPON is one of the key technologies that are being used in fiber-based (FTTx) access networks, including fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the business (FTTB), fiber to the curb (FTTC), etc. GPON system contains two main active transmission components, namely optical line termination (OLT) and optical network termination (ONT) or optical network unit (ONU). Modern OLT and ONT/ONU use compact fiber optic modules to achieve the triple-play GPON ser...
Posted on   January 18, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Understanding Video SFP Transceiver

In small size fiber optic network building, SFP transceiver plays an important role. There are various types of SFP transceivers on the market, such as 1000BASE-SX SFP, 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP, 1000BASE-T copper SFP (For more knowledge about Ethernet SFP module, you can refer to this article: SFP Module: What’s It and How to Choose It?). In addition to these, there exists a kind of SFP transceiver which is mainly used in video transmission. That’s video SFP transceiver which is also known as SDI SFP....
Posted on   October 12, 2017 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Understand 100G Transceiver Transmission Principles

Changes to transmission speeds and expansion in data center capacities have driven the 100 Gigabit Ethernet. IHS Infonetics reports that by 2019, 100G Ethernet will make up more than 50 percent of data center optical transceiver transmissions. For 100G transceiver, there are 100GBASE-SR4, SR10 and PSM4 for short-distance transmission and 100GBASE-CWDM4, LR4 and ER4 for long-distance transmission. 100G Transceiver Transmission Principles 100G SR4 transceiver uses a 12-fiber MMF strand MTP/M...
Posted on   August 7, 2017 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Isn’t Compatible Transceivers Better Than OEM Modules?

When compatible transceivers firstly emerged in the market, there were a lot of worries and doubts about the compatibility and interoperability of them. But after dozens of years, outstanding compatibles vendors prove themselves with good quality and reputation. Green hands, however, are still puzzled by the myths of OEM transceiver module and have doubt on compatible transceivers. I’m sure when they figure out the following questions, they will be fans of good compatible vendors and their devic...
Posted on   July 11, 2017 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Check SFP Module Optical Signal Strength?

SFP optical transceiver is a hot-swappable, compact component that provides fiber connectivity for optical networking. They support various applications like Fibre Channel (FC) switches, SONET/SDH network, Gigabit Ethernet, high-speed computer links, and CWDM and DWDM interfaces. When connected to switches, the optical signal strength of SFP modules is a critical parameter to ensure the normal working of the whole connections. This article will introduce the method of SFP module signals measurem...
Posted on   June 7, 2017 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Taking an In-depth Look at 25G SFP28

Today’s enterprise data centers and networking environment are upgrading towards the trend of higher speeds, greater scalability, and higher levels of performance. The IT community used to define the upgrade path as from 10G to 40G to 100G. But new upgrade path is 25G–50G–100G with the advent of 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GbE). How much do you know about 25G transceiver? Will 25G SFP28 dominate the market? Can you clearly tell from SFP28 vs. SFP+, SFP28 vs.QSFP+, SFP28 vs. QSFP28? This post will unc...
Posted on   May 16, 2017 By FS.COM