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Cable Spaghetti: Server Room Cabling Nightmare

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Spaghetti is one of the famous and delicious food in the world. However, when a bunch of noodles is in your server room but not your belly, it’s really a nightmare. What does it mean? Obviously, we do not discuss the art of eating spaghetti today. Actually, we are going to talk something about the server room cabling nightmare, also called server room cabling hell.

Cable Spaghetti

It’s pretty good that you don’t have to worry about your servers, because the server room monitor handles all the monitoring of your servers and public facing websites. Does it mean that everything will go well with the server room monitor? No, there is a weaknesses of server room monitor that it can’t help you wire your system. Many server rooms are built with little or no regard for cable organization, as a result, you may find how easily server room cabling can turn into a nightmare without an organized methodology to the madness.

In fact, the ugly appearance of your server room cabling is just the beginning. It will cause more issues which ultimately have the possibility of leading to down time, causing a significant loss of both productivity and revenue in most companies. Issues such as the limited space of server closets, troubleshooting and problem resolution etc are often discussed in the previous article. In addition, your cables (fiber optic cables, power cables, and Ethernet cables) will easily become twisted and mangled the longer you keep your cables mismanaged, causing transmission troubles. Another problem with excessive cable bundling is that it can result in overheating of equipment, as the wires block the airflow and ventilation of your system, causing too much heat and stress, which can eventually lead to slow-downs and even equipment failure. If you run unshielded cables and keep them bundled next to power cables, it is easy to make them susceptible to radio frequency interference, as the power cables emit a certain level of electromagnetic waves that can disrupt signal transmissions.

Are you tired of a messy server closet? Are you afraid of a significant loss of both productivity and revenue because of your messy cabling? And do you want to get rid of the server room cabling hell? Take a few minutes to read the following tips on how to organize the cabling in your server room.

  • A friendly cable design plan is very important. Also make sure to plan with expansion in mind.
  • Don’t use long cables where short cables will do—the excess can contribute to the overall mess and tempt you to bend the excess portion of your cables. You could save yourself a lot of time, headaches, and money by carefully measuring.
  • Don’t skimp on terminations. Ensure your cable terminations are reliable.
  • Test is necessary after you creat a cable.
  • Labeling each and every cable is an important part of your organization efforts. This will save you a lot of grief, hassle, and time when you facing troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Color code. Make sure each color has a purpose and stay with it. That will make it easier to follow cable runs and troubleshoot issues. And yes, it also makes for a better-looking server room.
  • Don’t buy conduit sized for what you need now. Buy conduit sized for what you will need in the future.
  • Keep power and networking separate at all costs.
  • Keep cables cool.


server room

A good cable management can lead to increase in performance, traceability, and management for your server room which helps your fight the cable spaghetti nightmare. Without all those cables clumped in front of the fans, the servers can breathe a little easier, reducing the risk of overheating. Meanwhile, eliminating stray cables on the ground also ensures the safety of the network engineers. Of course, a good cable management also brings us a good working environment and sometimes even an art show. Fiberstore offers a variety of cost-effective cable management products. With the help of these products and a little time and effort, a server room can go from nightmare to an art.

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